Planning to launch a new website can be a pretty exciting venture. Before you’ve even put a page together, you can already imagine the scores of new visitors flocking to your site, checking out your awesome content and, if you’re opening an online store, buying your products by the truck load.

Yet there’s one thing that always guarantees you come crashing down to Earth with a bang: the cost. Isn’t building a new website a costly endeavor? After all, those quotes you got from professional web developers were running into the hundreds, if not thousands.


The only other alternative, so it seems, is to invest an awful lot of time learning complex code and doing it all yourself. Go that route however, and you’re missing out on opportunities to do the things you really enjoy, like growing your business and attracting new customers.

Fortunately for you, there is a better way to do things that not only saves you hours of time, but also dramatically cuts the cost of creating a site.

Designed with newcomers in mind, the best online website builders contain everything you need to create a site quickly and effortlessly, with almost no cost involved.

Free web builders

Popular platforms like Wix and offer completely free tools and templates to help you make your site. Using a drag-and-drop interface to pull things to place, modify your design and update your content, they empower you to get a great looking website up and running without paying a penny.

That said, you may find that some of the tools you need are available on your free packages, requiring an upgrade to one of the premium options.

Even then, the rates for these begin at around just $10 per month, a far cry from the hundreds you’d be paying if you brought in a professional.

Quality design

Just because you’re going it alone, that doesn’t mean that your new website won’t look up scratch when compared to a professionally designed site. Whichever website builder you decide to use, you’ll find an abundance of beautifully designed templates, giving you an impressively designed site to rival anything else on the web.

If things don’t look quite right for you, you can always customise those templates to suit your needs.

domain hosting

Domains and web hosting

Along with the cost of actually building your website, getting it up on the Internet often involves paying for other things too, namely a web server to host your website, and a domain name to ensure your visitors can find you easily.

Though low cost options for both do exist, it’s often much more cost effective, not to mention easier to set up, when you get everything in one affordable package.

Again, your website builder of choice should have all that available and then some.

Since you’re already creating your site on their server, there’s no need to worry about setting up a hosting account and uploading a website to it.

Nor is there any need to pay for a domain name with another company and then deal with all the complications of directing it to your new site. Again, get a domain name from your website builder, and all that is done for you.

From there, the only thing you have to worry about is how you’ll spend all that extra money you saved when building your new website.