Video meetings have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. It saves on travel, makes it easy to work remotely, and is a great tool for modern businesses. However, the art of running a video meeting is a hard one to master. This guide will teach you how to run a successful video meeting. 

Use the right tools

Before you set up your video meeting, you need to find the right tools. The first thing to choose is the video conferencing app that you’re going to use. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype are three of the most popular. But that doesn’t mean you have to use them. Feel free to shop around and find an app that works for you. You will also need to find a high-end microphone and webcam setup if your computer doesn’t already have them built-in. 

Always provide an audio dial-in option

Ask yourself – do you need to see all of the people attending the meeting? If you don’t, then you should provide an audio dial-in option. This will allow the less confident team members to shine in the interview, without worrying about how they look on the screen. Audio is also a better option if a meeting attendee has a weak internet connection. 

Test the technology ahead of time

Before the meeting gets started, it’s really important to test the technology. Make sure you can log in to the video conferencing app and check that the microphone and camera are working fine. Technology issues are bound to happen from time to time but you should do everything in your power to avoid them if possible. 

Make sure faces are visible

If you prefer to see your team as you speak to them, you need to make sure everyone’s face is visible. Learn to look into the camera, rather than at the screen. And don’t be afraid to tell someone if you can’t see their face. 

Minimize distractions

To run a successful video meeting, you need to cut out all distractions. That means asking anyone else in the building not to interrupt you, turning off anything that’s making noise, and putting your phone on silent. Also, make sure that everyone in the meeting is giving you their full attention. It’s okay to play on during a break but not during the meeting. 

Stick to meeting basics

This tip should go for all meetings. You should never allow meetings to go on for longer than they need to. Long meetings only serve to reduce productivity and increase fatigue. That’s why it’s important to stick to the meeting basics. Have a clear itinerary and stick to it. 

Use an icebreaker

Video meetings can be awkward. Unfortunately, that’s just one of the inevitable parts of meeting virtually. However, there are things you can do to reduce the tension and make people feel comfortable. An icebreaker is often a good idea because it gives everyone a chance to speak up early. You could offer a quick quiz, a game of Would You Rather, or online rock, paper, scissors.