As humans, we have physiological needs to live, work, and play in large spaces, alluding to our desire to connect with nature and for freedom. Traditional office settings take us away from the outdoors, affording safety at the expense of open spaces.

Unique and inspiring office interiors that encourage openness tend to be common among tech companies and in recent years have spread to other industries. This same open atmosphere can be achieved by using some of the following ideas to create your own aesthetically inviting workplace.

how-to-rock-an-awesome-office-interiorSource: Avanti Systems

  • High ceilings. Buildings with high ceilings promote the well-being of their occupants and spark creative research, even if the rooms have little or no natural light. That is why it is imperative that commercial structures and business interiors feel as spacious as possible.
  • Break-out spaces. Break-out spaces are not just places for your employees to eat lunch, they provide crucial areas away from the desk, which can aid creativity, remove communication barriers, and foster spontaneity and inspiration in the office. You want to designate casual lounges or meeting areas in your company for employees to relax and exchange thoughts. Great ideas come from inspirational, informal spaces.
  • Keep things tidy. It is essential to keep your workplace clutter-free, organized, and neat. Storage is usually an afterthought when companies finish designing an office space, but the lack of adequate room is typically a common complaint. When you plan your office space, make sure to incorporate a sufficient storage area.
  • Invest in high-quality furnishings. Cash-strapped firms may be influenced to save money with inexpensive furniture, but spending a few hundred more dollars up front may save thousands in the long run. Invest in high-quality furniture, such as ergonomic chairs and adjustable monitors, and you will also be investing in the health of your employees.
  • Glass wall partitions. Open floor plans provide a roomy quality, but can also decrease quiet or private workspaces. Traditional walls or partitions can provide these enclosed spaces but at the risk of losing the openness. Beautiful and strong glass wall panels provide a combination of both open interior spaces and areas of privacy and solace.

Creating an awesome office space reflects the culture of your company, and can offer many benefits depending on how you design the workplace. For instance, an area with video games gives employees a chance to not focus on work for a little while. Likewise, a meeting area filled with interesting, colorful structures might awaken the creative juices. A well-designed and comfortable office can be an engaging selling point to new recruits and offer a feeling of contentment for existing employees.