DVD was the King in the world of Entertainment — till the Digital Revolution took place. Now, DVDs are very hard to manage, maintain and protect. That having said, your favorite classic films may still be stored on one of such DVDs. Of course, you can simply copy those DVD Discs, but you’re going to miss the total quality and you won’t get it as a single movie file. And, that is where DVD Ripping comes to the scene. Once again, you’d have to choose the best DVD ripper from the market; we’re here to introduce one.

Recently, we had put our hands on MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which is one of the best and fastest method to rip any kind of DVDs. We thought of coming up with a fully-fledged review of the same for our readers. So, when you want to rip a DVD, you will have the best tool from the market. Shall we start?

An Essential Introduction to MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Just as it goes without saying, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is one of the best DVD rippers for Mac. In case if you did not know, Ripping is the process of copying the DVD. MacX DVD Ripper Pro has one of the fastest DVD Ripping speed, and support for almost all the types of DVDs and media formats.

As you can guess from the name, it’s the Pro version of MacX DVD Ripper. Of course, you can free download MacX DVD Ripper Pro here, for a rather hands-on experience. It’s also worth noting that MacX is currently offering some extra discounts for the Pro versions. If you need unlimited access to all features, you may get full version with lifetime upgrade using time-limited discount.

Noticeable Features in MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Overall, it’s an awesome software. We mean, we did not find a single aspect to complain. However, we like to take you through the impressive features we came across.

  • Best-in-Industry Ripping Speed

When we say MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the fastest DVD Ripper, we mean it. In fact, it offers 4-5x speeds than other rippers in market. This is achieved via the Hardware Acceleration Technology from MacX and Intel Quick Sync Video Support. Our hero takes just 5.4 minutes to rip a full DVD into MP4, while DVDFab requires you to sit in front of the PC for 22.7 minutes. In short, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the fastest DVD Ripper in the current market.

  • Versatile Support for Input and Output Formats

MacX DVD Ripper Pro supports almost every type of DVD you can find. No matter you have an old DVD of TV Series or a recently-released Movie DVD. What’s more, MacX DVD Ripper Pro seamlessly rips content from unplayable DVDs and otherdamaged Discs. If we are to talk about the types, there is support for 99-Titles DVDs, Workout DVDs and TV Series DVDs. All these ripping processes are done with no compromise over quality.

The same wideness is there when it comes to the support for output media formats. You can easily convert any DVD into MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MP3, etc. In addition, it offers more than 350 profiles for conversion. You can find the suitable media format for your iPhone, iPad, Android, HDD, Memory Card, Chromecast or a Smart TV.

  • Best-in-Class DRM Unlocking

Ever come across DVD Protection systems that don’t let you copy a DVD? Well, with MacX DVD Ripper Pro, you can copy protected DVD with ease. In a single click, you can get rid of various DRMs like Disney, CSS, Region Code etc. This is going to be a huge blessing for most people, who own branded DVDs but want the content available in other devices. Last but not the least, MacX DVD Ripper Pro always updates its support for DRM unlocking, making it possible to unblock every DVD.

  • The Miscellaneous Features

In addition to these major points, MacX DVD Ripper Pro offers some other cool features too. We really loved the following ones.

  • You can use this DVD Copy Software for cloning or ripping the DVD. There are 4 modes for a unique experience.
  • Once you have done the ripping, MacX DVD Ripper Pro lets you edit DVD Movies. There are also options for Audio Extraction and Snapshot Capturing.
  • Last but not least, MacX DVD Ripper Pro has one of the simplest UIs we’ve ever seen in DVD Ripping software for Mac.

How to Rip a DVD using MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

Here are the simple steps you need to follow, for ripping a DVD with this multipurpose DVD Copy suite.

  1. You have to launch MacX DVD Ripper Pro and load the input DVD. As we said earlier, you can do that via DVD Disc, DVD Folder or an ISO image.
  2. Now, you need to select the Output media format. You can either directly choose the suitable media format, from options like MP4, MKV, AVI etc. Or, to simplify things, MacX DVD Ripper Pro also lets you choose the device you own.
  3. Select the desired destination folder from the bottom part of the window.
  4. Hit the Run button to start the Ripping process.

By the way, if you like to make the process quicker, you may enable Hardware Encoding or High Quality Engine.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we are confident to recommend MacX DVD Ripper Pro to every media junkie out there. What we can assure you is that you’re getting your hands on an innovative tool. MacX DVD Ripper Pro not only saves your time while ripping DVDs but also maintains the quality and provides optimal customization. We hope that’s what you’d expect in a premium DVD Ripper like this.

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