Thankfully, the pandemic is starting to weaken its death grip on the world. That is not to diminish the places like India that are still under siege. It is just to acknowledge the progress in most of the world where the vaccines have made a real difference. Because of those vaccines, we are able to move forward with our lives. Restaurants are reopening, the town square is starting to come alive again. People are starting to plan for vacations. Business travel is starting to pick up. Our year-long hibernation is starting to come to an end.

That said, a recognition of progress is not the same as a declaration of victory. We still have some distance to go before we can relax. Some businesses are getting in over their skis and pushing too fast, too forward, with too little caution and insufficient planning. A bad reopening is worse than a delayed reopening. You have to fight the impulse of precipitous action. There is an internal impatience to get things moving and money flowing again. But by pushing things too quickly, you can end up causing more harm than good to your business. It is, in fact, time to get the ball rolling again. You just have to do it the right way. Before pushing everything to being exactly as they were before, try these more measured, intermediate steps:

Utilize Freelance Workers

There are lots of names for staffing without actually hiring. Temp agencies are now called staffing services. Utilizing an outside service might also be called outsourcing. When you need to staff up, you have two choices. You can do all your hiring in-house, or bring in freelancers. One of the best methods combining affordability, speed, and quality assurance is to use one of the top providers of freelance services. Toptal is one of the top picks.

The real question is, how well do Toptal alternatives really stack up? You always want to compare options even when one seems to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Whatever service you choose, you want to compare that to hiring in-house. 

Hiring skilled labor is one of the biggest expenses your business will face. This is why there is so much design and development outsourcing in the tech sector. If you are just starting out, or restarting your business, you don’t know for sure how things will go. Hedge your bets by acquiring the services of skilled workers on a temporary basis until you are sure of your demand. 

Utilize Open Source

There are many benefits of open source. You might be surprised at the companies that are discovering that fact. Even Microsoft is starting to embrace open source. They are the company that once called Linux a cancer. There is a reason why so many successful startups use open source. One of the best reasons is that those software solutions tend to be much less expensive than the closed alternatives. That said, it is not just a matter of saving a few pennies. It is also a way to gain access to some of the most secure and feature-rich software in the world. You don’t have to compromise quality or security for open source software. If your reopening requires retooling your enterprise stack, be open to open source.

Embrace Work from Home

Working from home has been a success, and is here to stay. If you were paying for an expensive lease in an office building, consider saving all that money by letting the team work from home. If any on-prem space is needed, try inexpensive coworking spaces. Even big companies are recognizing the benefits of more flexible programs. Being late for work is practically a thing from the past. Fewer people will call in sick because they are already home. With just a little work flexibility, they can squeeze in a visit to the doctor without missing a day of work.

We are winning the battle against the coronavirus and it is definitely time to get back to work. Take the slow, measured steps of utilizing freelance workers until you are sure of the work. Use open source solutions to get more for your money. And provide flexible work options and give more people more ways to do their best work wherever they choose to do it.