Android OS dominates the mobile world in this decade although iPhone always surprises us. Most people in this planet are using Android Phones. They deal with much data with their mobile phone and data recovery for their Android phone is a big problem now. In this article, I will introduce you a great program that can help you recover deleted text messages from Android phone easily. It’s Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery is designed for Android users who would like to recover deleted data from their Phone and SD card. It can recover deleted text messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, books and other document files from Android phone and SD card directly. It provides both Windows and Mac version for users and you can use the trial version freely.

Download for Windows Version

Download for Mac Version

To recover deleted text messages from Android phone, you need to keep at least 20% battery on your Android phone and stop using it after losing messages on it. This will keep the biggest chance to find and recover the deleted messages on your Android phone. The new data may overwrite the space where saves the deleted messages on your Android phone.

Now let’s begin to retrieve deleted text messages from Android phone step by step with Android Data Recovery.

Step 1. Connect Android Phone

Free download, install and run this data recovery software for Android on your computer. Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. The software will detect your phone and connect it to its interface.


Step 2. Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Phone

You need to enable USB debugging mode on your phone in this step. First make sure the Android OS version running on your phone and find the instruction for this version on the interface. Follow the little guide and you can easily enable the USB debugging mode on your phone.


Step 3. Scan Android Phone to Find Deleted Text Messages

Now you can finally select the data you would like to recover from your Android phone. On the interface, you can select the data types you would like to find and restore from your phone. If you want to save time, just check the “Messaging” here. If you want to recover other data along with text messages, you can select them on the interface.


Click “Next” button, you need to allow the SuperUser Authorization request from the program in order to fully scan your phone and SD card.


Now the software will begin to scan your Android phone without any limitation to find the deleted text messages on Android phone for you. After scanning, the software will list all the data on the interface. You can find the deleted messages on Android phone easily here and preview the contents of the conversation.

Step 4. Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android Phone

There will be a data menu on the left side of the interface after scanning. Find “Messaging” category and enter it. You will see all the deleted text messages from Android phone and also the text messages you have on your phone now. The deleted messages will be in red and you can find them easily. Select all the text messages you would like to retrieve and click “Recover” button. The software will retrieve deleted text messages from Android phone to computer as soon as possible. You can easily check the recovered messages on your PC.


This Android Data Recovery can easily scan your Android phone and recover deleted text messages for you. You can also use it to recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, books, music, and other document files from your Android phones.