Technology has engulfed all spheres of our world, be it personal or professional. If you are spending some quality time with your loved ones, it is incomplete without a selfie or group picture. Similarly, if you are at work and need help with some document, you can use WhatsApp to share a picture of the same with your colleagues. 

While it is very convenient to rely on technology to solve our immediate and long term problems, it needs to be remembered that technology has its own limitations. The most common problem affecting most people is that of loss of data in the form of photos. There can be many reasons for the data deletion. From accidental deletion to system crashes, from locked devices to lost devices, from screen damage to damage caused by water, reasons vary but the issue prevails. 

iMyFone Chatsback

In such scenarios, you need a reliable software or application that can help you retrieve your deleted data. iMyFone Chatsback is the one that offers a full data retrieval solution, especially when it comes to WhatsApp and iPhone data recovery. It is the ultimate WhatsApp data recovery solution. It supports all kinds of file formats. All your personal and professional photos which got deleted can be recovered using this software for both iPhone and Android. 

Recover deleted WhatsApp photos on iPhone/Android with iMyFone ChatsBack

When it comes to recovery of deleted whatsapp photos on iPhone/Android, iMyFone Chatsback is your best bet. In fact, the recovery process of an iPhone is generally very time consuming if you are using other softwares. With iMyFone Chatsback, the whole recovery process is a breeze. 

Let us take a step by step look at the process of recovery of deleted whatsapp photos on iPhone/Android with iMyFone Chatsback. 

Step 1 – Download and install iMyFone Chatsback on your computer and run the software.

Step 2Select the “Recover WhatsApp Data from Device Storage” mode, with which you can find all local data and recover recent data records.

Step 3 – Connect Device to Computer via USB cable. Please allow the “USB debugging” on Android devices or hit “Trust this computer” on iPhone/iPad when these pop-up windows prompt. Before you click the “Start” button, you can choose where to save the device data.

Step 4 – Scan Device Data. This process differs for android and iPhone. 

For iPhone, it will first ask you if you want to recover data from WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business. Once you have selected, it will start accessing your data and analyzing it. 

For Android, you need to let the software scan the data first by granting the required permission. Then, it will load the files. Then, you need to enter the WhatsApp number, which will be verified using an SMS to the same number. Once the verification is complete, Chatsback will calculate the relevant keys to analyze the database. 

Step 5 – Preview and recover data. This is the final step. All the images that are recoverable will be displayed on your screen (screenshot below). You can select the images that you want to recover.

Then you have two options – recover to PC meaning the images will be saved on your computer or recover to device meaning the images will be saved on your phone. 

Restore deleted WhatsApp images with iTunes backup on iPhone

One of the other ways of recovery of deleted whatsapp messages on iphone is through the use of iTunes backup on iPhone. 

Here is a step by step breakdown of the same.

Step 1 – Load and Analyze Data. In this method, when you run the iMyFone Chatsback software, you need to select Recover WhatsApp Data from iTunes. When you select it, the system will start loading and analyzing your iTunes data.

Then you need to select the applicable option from the list (As shown below).

Once you have done that, click on Next.  

Step 2 – Preview and Recover Data. This procedure is similar to the one described in Step 5 above.  

Retrieve deleted WhatsApp photos with Google Drive on Android

When it comes to Android phones, this is clearly your best bet if you have enabled backup of your chat messages to Google Drive. 

Let us take a look at the step by step process for the same.

Step 1 – Log In to Google Drive and Access Data. In this method, when you run the iMyFone Chatsback software, you need to select Recover WhatsApp Data From Google Drive. Then you need to login to the linked Google Account using your gmail ID and password. 

The next part of the step is to allow access to your Google Account to the software. At this point, you will see the data loading on your screen. You can download the data on your computer. 

Step 2 – Scan Google Drive File. Now, Chatsback needs your permission to scan the file that you downloaded in Step 1 above. Then the file will be analyzed. Further, you need to verify your number used on WhatsApp. Once the verification and analysis is done, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3 – Preview and Recover. This procedure is similar to the one described in Step 5 above.  

As you can see above, iMyFone Chatsback provides a comprehensive recovery solution in the case of deleted WhatsApp photos, irrespective of the device. Further, the different options available make it all the more convenient.