A dashcam, as the name suggests, is a camera fitted on top of the dashboard of a car. Sometimes, it is also kept inside the windshield mirror. There are many reasons why you would want to install a dash cam. 

The basic use of a dashcam is to record everything in front of the car. This can be useful in proving your innocence in case of an accident involving another car or pedestrian. In fact, police vehicles mandatorily need to have a dashcam installed in some states. 

Even otherwise, a dash cam is popular as it can also record the beautiful scenes during a road trip. The fact that it is easy to install and fit makes it one of the widely used car accessories. The problem, however, arises when the footage recorded by the dash cam is deleted by mistake or is deleted due to some technical reasons. 

In this post, we shall discuss How To Recover Deleted Dash Cam Footage and some of the reasons why your dash cam videos get lost so that you can prevent it. Let’s get started.

Recover Deleted Videos from Dash Cam with D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert

If you are someone who has some technical knowledge and knows your way around storage drives and their installation, then you might try to use one of the manual methods of data recovery from your dash cam. 

Before you try that, you need to be aware of the risks associated with such a manual reinstallation of the dash cam storage drive. Since there must be a particular reason why you want to recover dash cam footage, we recommend using one of the dependable software which can be used for data recovery from a range of storage devices. 

If you are struggling to recover dash cam footage from your car, you can trust the iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert to get rid of all your woes and help you retrieve the lost footage. 

Step by step method to recover lost data from dashcam SD using D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert

Here is a step by step breakdown of the recovery process:

  • Install

The first step is to install the D-Back Hard Drive Data Recovery software on your laptop or PC. This involves downloading the software on your Windows or Mac OS and then running it by clicking on the Install button. As soon as the install button is clicked, the process of installation of the software will begin.

  • Select an External Device

The second step is to connect the external device to your laptop or PC. This has to be the external device from which you want to recover the lost data. Essentially, in our case, it will be the SD card which acts as the storage device on the dash cam. 

Once it is connected to the PC, you will see a box (see picture below) showing all the available external devices. You now need to select the one that is applicable. 

  • Data scan

Once the scanning of the selected external device is started, the software will conduct a complete scan. This scan will result in showing you all the files on the said external device. The time taken for the scan is dependent on two factors – the number and size of the files on the storage device.

  • Preview and Recover Files

At the end of the scan described in Step 3 above, the software will list all the files on the external device that you can recover. One added advantage here is that you can first preview the file and then decide whether you want to recover that file. 

This is increasingly useful when you are looking to urgently recover a specific video on the dash cam. All you need to do is a preview and confirm that it is the file that you are looking for and recover it by selecting it and clicking on Recover. Voila, it is done. 

Why Do Your DashCam Videos Get lost?

Here are some reasons why your DashCam videos may get lost:

  1. Expiration of the SD card (if it had a timespan).
  2. Low battery of the dash cam.
  3. Data storage of the SD card being full while recording videos.
  4. Virus in the device in which the SD card was inserted.
  5. Improperly removing the SD card from the device. 


Dash cam videos are excellent sources of evidence in car accidents and even in cases involving law enforcement. It is increasingly becoming important to treat dash cam footage of sensitive situations safe and easy to retrieve or recover. 

The use of software to recover deleted or lost dash cam footage is only going to increase in the future. Investing in a good dash cam alone is not enough.