If you are searching how you can record streaming radio or audio content on a computer or Mac, there are easy ways of doing so. Most streaming radio and audio have settings that prevent them from being downloaded or saving the content, but you can do so using several programs and apps. While you can do it using a microphone and speaker, the quality won’t be the same. This article will discuss some of the best-approved streaming radio recorders you can use on mac, windows, and other online devices to get better audio quality. Here is the list.


Usave.it is the most popular streaming radio and audio content recorder, which you can easily record and play the streaming content. It helps you save the content to the cloud storage, which reduces space usage, performance, and content security. Usave.it is also a better option for individuals who don’t want to miss their streaming content since you can set to record and listen to it later when busy on other duties. Professionals in radio or audio content creation can use it to avoid the costs of purchasing recording and storage hardware for their streaming content. How do you use it? You only need to know the program’s timing or streaming content and schedule the system to save it. You can also type the URL, station name, or the call letter of the program you want to stream to activate it. It is an ideal recording program for individuals who don’t like venturing into recording software and hardware.

SoundTap Streaming recorder

If you are into a professional streaming business, the SoundTap streaming recorder is one of the best apps you can use for this function. You can use this program with a microphone to create a karaoke or other third-party software to conduct webinars and other business meetings. Its features include recording audio conferences, radio webcasts, podcasts, and other streaming content and can convert the audio to WAV or mp3 depending on the final usage. If you are using an enterprise database system, you can make your recordings go directly to VRS Recording System. The system also enables one to create podcasts with any audio recorded from Skype calls.


If you are looking for something portable to record streaming radio and other audio content, StreamSour comes in handy for this job. You only need to connect it to your PC or laptop and save the streaming content either in an MP3 file or WAV. You can also incorporate a microphone or an external mixer to come up with a sophisticated communication device. The disadvantage of this recorder is that it involves lots of hardware, which might be inconvenient. Its features include automatic detection of audio that needs recording, production of WAV files that can play on any modern device, and it’s free to use for personal and commercial enterprises. To work effectively, you have to purchase devices that are compatible with this portable streaming audio recorder.

Movavi Screen Recorder

If you want to record every audio coming out of your computer, including the streaming audio, you can use the Movavi Screen recorder. You only need to choose the part that needs recording and click record. However, it will pick everything, including the system sounds and any pop-up sound made from websites and chat messages. When the recording gets done, the file saves as an MP4 file, which you can recover from the set destination and play using other programs or software. Its best features include getting the best quality audio, enabling a microphone when recording, and you can set a timer when to start and stop recording the streaming content. Its primary disadvantage is that it got a limited free version, which you need to upgrade by subscribing. It only works on windows too.

You can consider other streaming content recorders, including Chrome Audio Capture, Conch Audio Recorder, and many other online options. The listed ones are the best and popular to use. Ensure whatever you choose doesn’t create additional costs and has some additional advantages, such as saving your audio on cloud storage.