The increased use of technology in the world of business has facilitated numerous changes especially in how businesses operate. Chief among them is the growing number of cloud apps that are now quickly replacing traditional paperwork and processes. For most businesses, the availability of these apps means more efficiency and productivity.

Are you planning to use cloud apps to boost your sales and grow your business? The trick is to ensure they can sync seamlessly with one another for easier sharing and management of data.

For our post today, we discuss five top benefits of harmonizing cloud apps data when looking to improve business sales. 

Cost reduction

Let’s face it, feeding data on multiple applications and tools can be both laborious and time-consuming. You have to manually update the information you gather from your leads and other sources continuously on every application that you are using in your business. Obviously, this ends up wasting a lot of your time and resources which are scarce in a business environment.

Syncing your apps eliminates the need to update each app every time there is a change in data. What this means is that any modifications you make on one app are reflected across the rest of the synced apps.

Improved workflow

In a normal business environment, different apps display varying levels of data freshness. This makes moving from one task to another across these apps quite hectic. You have to repetitively update data within them before committing to the task at hand. As you can imagine, this destroys focus and, in the long run, your overall productivity.

By syncing your apps, you are able to minimize lapses in your concentration especially when completing important tasks. This is because you have all the information you want at a central point which makes everything easy.

Take a look at this example – suppose you’re using a CRM tool and an email autoresponder tool in your company. You might decide to integrate them for easier tracking of user activities from the moment they land on your landing page to the moment they make a purchase. This Hubspot Mailchimp syncing is a good example of how you can improve workflow when looking to enhance your sales actions.

Enter and correct data errors more accurately

To manage sales effectively, your business records must be error-proof or systematic. Unfortunately, humans are prone to error especially if data entry is done manually or when information has to be transferred from one app to the other by hand. In such a case, it means that even sensitive information like your sales book entries are all vulnerable to errors.

Syncing not only reduces the risk of data inaccuracies but also allows you to correct any errors on a large scale. You can easily edit an entry on one app and have the same change reflected across all your applications. With that, you are able to generate financial reports that truly reflect the current status of your business in terms of productivity. What’s more, you’re able to easily correct errors as they occur without wasting time and money as is common during audits.

In addition to getting all your sales data on the cloud, you can also add sales tracking software like Commence to your arsenal. This will further improve your sales and data management allowing you to expand your business in no time.

Increased teamwork and collaboration

In a business setup where several team members are involved, one of the biggest hindrances to seamless collaboration apart from infrequent communication is a lack of access to uniform data by members. For example, the marketing department needs to have sufficient information on production procedures to come up with relevant ads. On the other hand, the sales department has to report sales volumes to other departments to have them assess the effectiveness of their strategies. In a nutshell, communication and data sharing play such a key part in the overall success of the business.

Syncing your cloud apps facilitates a more fluid exchange of information by paving way for quick and easy data sharing. Various departments can therefore network towards a common objective of growing sales and the business at large. With seamless information exchanges, departments can easily monitor one another so that movement is always coordinated and forward-facing.

Effective management of sales in multiple locations

Does your business operate in multiple locations? Hands-on management of sales and processes leading to it can be hectic especially in far-off locations. The constant need to inspect inventories, production processes, or sales books will clearly prove tough.

By syncing all the apps your business uses in these locations for your sales activities, you’ll enjoy a bird’s view of every information you need. Put otherwise, you can view data from different areas including departments that are geographically distant.

This way, you’ll be able to review performances, assess workflows, and make critical sales decisions on aspects like revenues and expenditures. As a manager in charge of sales, harmonizing apps can help you take control of all the happenings on the ground even when you’re out of the picture physically.