It is estimated that well over half of the global population uses a smartphone each and every day. From speaking with friends and checking SMS messages to accessing the Internet and catching up on the latest news stories, there is no doubt that these devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. The only problem is that the appearances of these phones can leave much to the imagination on occasion. While there is certainly nothing wrong with the brushed metal appearance of the iPhone series or the high-gloss finishes associated with Samsung, what if you wish your phone to stand out from the crowd? You actually have many interesting options to choose from. Let us, therefore, take a look at some do-it-yourself ideas as well as a handful of professional tricks to consider.

Customizing Your Home Screen

All phones come with a default screen setting. This is normally a solid color or a static background image (such as a picture of a farm). The good news is that it is very easy to change this background to suit your personal tastes. You can either take a picture with the phone or download an existing image. Once you have accessed the display settings of the phone, this image can then be used as the background.

Another interesting and eye-catching option is to use animated GIFs to provide your background with a three-dimensional edge. Sites such as Giphy provide countless options to choose from and many of these can be downloaded with the click of a button. It is also possible to browse through the wallpaper apps found on websites such as Google Play and the Apple Store.

Mobile Phone Cases

Smartphone covers have become just as popular as the phones themselves thanks to the sheer variety of designs that you can choose from. Some are traditional while others such as “quicksand” versions actually contain glitter suspended within a gel in order to provide a sense of movement. It is also wise to determine how durable the case needs to be. For instance, those who utilize a smartphone for work-related purposes should choose materials such as silicone and durable polymers in order to avoid any unintentional damage (such as if the phone is accidentally dropped). Most mobile phone cases are relatively inexpensive, so this is also an excellent option if you are concerned about spending too much money.

Screen Protectors

Although most phones use sapphire glass in order to prevent their screens from becoming scratched or cracking, all of us know that accidents can occur from time to time. This is why purchasing a screen protector is often a great choice; particularly if you happen to own a high-end model. Some protectors will simply reinforce the existing display while others contain unique features such as blue light filters (this type of light has been shown to cause eye strains and headaches in some individuals). Other protectors are designed to help block out the glare from the sun; a nice touch if you regularly use your phone outdoors.

How to Make Your Own Phone Case

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Perhaps you have a specific phone case in mind and are unable to find the exact design. In either of these situations, you should think about constructing your own. This method will provide you with a sense of creative freedom that would otherwise not be possible when choosing from a series of genetic templates. Furthermore, you can select the type of material to be used. Crafting a case from scratch is also a good idea if your phone has very unique dimensions or it is one of the new flip models. Although we will not delve into the instructions in this article, there are many websites that will provide a detailed overview of how to make your own phone case.

Give Your Phone an Acoustic Boost

Many of us enjoy listening to music on our smartphones. If we happen to be with a group of friends, why not choose to spread the acoustic love with the help of a plug-in speaker? There are two main types of speakers to select from. The first will fit directly into the socket designed for your earphones. The second (and more powerful) variant is equipped with a USB adaptor. The benefit here is that the playback will be much louder. However, be sure to keep in mind that such speakers can drain your battery at a much faster rate. This is why they might not be suited for older smartphone models.

These are some of the most interesting ways to make your mobile phone stand out from the crowd. Of course, feel free to experiment with different options such as vinyl stickers when appropriate. Whether you own an entry-level model or you have just purchased the new iPhone SE, there is no doubt that these suggestions will come in handy.