Since putting products or services in front of potential clients/customers effectively is one of the major concerns of every business or brand, there can be a lot of barriers on the way for small businesses when they want to promote their products. For example: limited marketing budget and insufficient marketing skills. However, there are countless ways of online marketing that small businesses can consider for reaching target customers even without spending huge budget and efforts.

Old and traditional marketing methods are not only expensive, but hard to measure as well. On another hand, latest digital marketing tools and tactics are result driven and trackable.

Below we have a list of different practical ways to promote a small business online that can help you improve bottom line effectually.

Make your website Easy to Find

In this era of cashless shopping, people search for the desired goods or services on internet via search engines like Google. And your business website should also be very easy to find on the web if you really want to grab attention of more search engine visitors towards your products or services. You can simply do it by having a great SEO strategy at place. An appealing overall layout, quality content, simple navigation, mobile friendliness and great user experience are some basic elements that can help you boost your SEO efforts.

Add Your Products in Business Directories

Business directories are great to get more exposure for your brand or products. There are countless business directories available on internet that can be great choice for your business or brand to boost sales volume. You can also search for local directories if your products are specially designed for local customers. Google search will allow you to find the best in your industry or niche.

Landing Page Optimization

Before explaining about landing page optimization, let me elucidate landing page definition briefly. Basically it is a destination page where website visitors are landing right after clicking a link, advertisement or promotion and known as a key component of online marketing campaigns. And landing page optimization is the art of improving elements of a landing page to increase conversions. If you have specific landing pages on your business website that you often use to secure leads and sales, you should optimize them according to the user interests and buying behavior to keep new users engaged.

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media can be a great and must have marketing tool for your small business to reach more people. A well-managed Facebook page can work as mini website for your brand and business to provide your existing and potential customers with business details and information they want from you. Social media not only conveys your business message to your target audience but also enables you to listen your customers and their feedback regarding your services or products.

Participate in Answer Question Websites

Taking part in online communities and websites can be a superb option for your small business to answer people who ask questions to get their queries and issues resolved. Try to answer queries and questions asked on different QnA sites like Quora and present your product or services as the best solution if suitable. You can also find questions regarding your product or service by using on-site search option.

Offer Coupons

Providing your existing and potential customers with coupons can be a great way for your brand or business to grab attention of more customers. People always love something free of cost or in exchange of a fewer bucks than its actual rate. So, plan some discounted deals and coupons for your customers and advertise on social media platforms, business website and coupons websites to get more sales.

Video Marketing

An image can speak a thousand words and a creatively made video can deliver your message more effectively to the target audience without leaving room for misconception. According to a survey, more than 4 billion videos are played on YouTube on daily basis. In simple words, creating a short, engaging and interesting video related to your business, brand or product can help you reach more users not only on YouTube but on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another cost effective and advantageous small business marketing idea to get more sales. You can find people on social media platforms, online communities, forums and QnA websites to present your products or services with an intention to convert them into valuable customers. However, you should be sending emails to right recipients if you really want to boost your sales. Also use a professional email signature to provide potential customers with useful contact details like phone number, business website and address.