Planning a flight has never been easier thanks to the tools provided by major airlines and travel agencies. While it used to be a complicated process that involved long hours of tedious calculations, today’s technology enables you to do it all from the comfort of your desk. You can also save your efforts and other valuable time in case you need to rebook. If you are an experienced frequent flyer, this article will give you a brief insight into the new technologies that have simplified air travel planning. If you are not a frequent flyer and plan to fly for the first time, read on as well. You will learn some tips that can help you save time and effort even before your first flight.

One good news is that most major airlines now offer their own instant quote service via their websites. This feature allows you to get a quick quote for your entire itinerary, including the airlines you want to travel on, dates of travel, and cities you plan to visit. Instant quotes can also be accessed from most major travel agencies’ websites. They offer a similar service. If you are flying on Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, or United Airlines, for instance, you may log onto their respective websites at any part of the day and get instant quotes from the sites. 

The Instant Quote tool provides the same service, but it offers a different price for the same itinerary. You just have to decide on a lower-priced service and start planning. Some of the airlines also provide their own websites with instant quotes for individual fares. They may be pricier than the instant quote, but they can save you time since you don’t have to go through different websites or travel agents.

New technology for flight planning operations:

Maybe you want to consider purchasing tickets online. While it seems complicated and time-consuming, you will find out that web-based ticket purchasing sites are easy to use and they also offer a wide range of options. You can compare the fares of different airlines, check schedules and routes, then make reservations using your credit card or Paypal. You can also use online tools to plan your itinerary, including multiple languages, as well.  It is not just the airlines that provide this service. Many travel agencies are now offering it as well, enabling you to pay for your flights with ease and even book additional services at the same time if you wish. If you want to book a hotel, car rental, or tour package online, you can do this easily and even use your airline miles for each booking.

Before booking your flight, it is important to find out about the available options for extras such as upgrades, frequent flyer points, insurance coverage, and even cancellation and change fees. When you book your flights online from the airline’s or travel agency’s website, you can usually find a detailed breakdown of what you have booked and what is still to come. Airline websites also allow you to check in online before your flight so that you do not have to wait in long lines at the airport.

How does The Flight Planning Software Work?

While you can use these programs like the Flight Planning system to simply plan your flight, taking into account the number of other pending flights, you can get a lot more from them. Indeed, most of the programs offer an itinerary generator that allows you to put together a complex and customized itinerary that dovetails with your travel plans. Some of the software even provide online booking so that you can just fill in the information, pay for your tickets, and send them to the airlines with little or no trouble. The software also helps you locate available flights that match your chosen itinerary. You can use the flight planner to create detailed maps of your trip, even the airports you will be flying out of or connecting through. They are not only useful for experienced travelers; they are also useful for novice flyers.

Perhaps the most important part of planning your flight is knowing how to save money. Most airlines price their flights according to demand. If you want to get the cheapest flight, you will have to book your flight at the right time of the day, week, or even year. Most airlines also price their tickets according to the season. The prices go up during peak seasons and down during off-peak seasons. There are also additional charges for add-on services like luggage and special meals that could really add up if you don’t take them into consideration before booking a ticket.


Planning a flight is no longer the daunting task it was in the old days. Nowadays, you can sit back in the comfort of your home and plan a complex itinerary using ultra-modern tools provided by airlines, travel agencies, and online booking sites. These tools take care of everything so that you can sit back, relax, and plan an enjoyable trip. Before you board your first flight, make sure to check out these tools. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ease and convenience of flight planning today. The Flight Planning Software gives you the ability to plan your flights in real-time. Its advanced features enable you to look at current flight information such as departure and arrival times.