Nowadays the scientific and technical progress is developing rapidly leaving behind and introducing more and more things. E-commerce became an important part of almost every company. It allows reaching the wider auditory, in comparison with the traditional way of promoting.

But usually online business requires special methods of payment because e-commerce doesn’t expect dealing with the customers directly out of the Internet. There are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, some specialized services. Every example has its features and design.

Internet payments are related to safety problems, especially when it is connected with dealing with unknown companies. There are many platforms, services, e-wallets that have its advantages and disadvantages, some of them are more secure and fast, some less. One of the favorite ways to pay among lots of people is PayPal. To be honest, it is well-known and worldwide spread in ordinary life. Founded in 1998 it now has more than 200 million accounts and deals with 25 currencies. 

Why It Is A Good Decision?

Well, hearing about that it is used by many people is interesting but the question is how it can help you. Let’s see it closer:

  • First of all, it is extremely safe. It must be so, as a favorite e-wallet of a big number of people. One of the priority goals during development was a great defense system that can’t be hacked. Speaking about the absence of mistakes, PayPal transactions usually take a little time to finish. As a result, many problems connected with cash operations are avoided. Big delays have a bad influence on work and comfort.
  • PayPal tries to deal only with fair webpages and licensed websites. Thus, you are able to deal with probably a safer site than some without PayPal.  It is because of the policy of the company. Illegal websites can’t accept PP payments.
  • Often, you don’t need to cover commissions because it can be paid by the recipient. 
  • Do you want to hide your payment history? It is possible here. A quite useful function sometimes when some transactions in the list annoy you.
  • PayPal account can be linked with credit or debit card to fund it. By the way, you can replenish it by selling goods on eBay without any bank accounts or cards what is undoubtedly cool.
  • Sometimes you are free from certain charges and taxes. That helps you to save money. 

What You Can Use It For?

Advantages are important but there must be places where you can use it. 

  1. Buy products and goods all over the world from millions of shops.
  2. Pay for Internet orders where it is possible to use PayPal.
  3. Replenish accounts on a variety of PayPal bingo sites that have a license.
  4. As was said above, it is can be connected to eBay and lots of others so you don’t need to transfer from one place to another.

However, the disadvantage is quite cruel. If PayPal reacts to your transactions like on suspicious actions it can freeze the account. Although the question can be solved with the company in one week, they are still able to hold all of your money up to 180 days. Of course, this is bad but it happens rarely and not with everyone. Shortly, if you just buy products and pay for your usual services probably nothing probably will happen.

As you can see, PayPal can become a useful tool for any person. So if you don’t have an e-wallet, PayPal must be in the list of possible variants to choose from in the future.

If you want to pay by mobile, download the app on Play Market or App Store. A mobile version also has the ability to connect with your phone number to send alert messages when every transaction is made. Extra security won’t be excessive.