The reason many people use consoles instead of PCs for gaming is that consoles don’t need any upgrading or optimization to perform well. PCs, on the other hand, are not designed with gaming in mind and may require upgrading to optimize performance. Read on for six tried-and-tested ways to tweak your gaming PC and improve its performance.

. Trade Your Mechanical Hard Disk For An SSD

As you may already know, SSDs are faster than conventional hard disks in that they reduce the game’s load time, increasing your PC’s speed. It is, however, worth noting that this is not an upgrade to increase the game’s frame rate; for that, you may have to invest in a superior graphics card and update the video drivers.

. Keep Your Computer Dust-Free

Dirt and dust are among the biggest culprits behind lowered computer performance. You have to be proactive regarding your laptop’s physical maintenance – and that includes ridding it of dust – to keep it performing optimally.

What dust does is reduce the airflow, causing the computer to overheat. As the heat accumulates, the GPU, the processor, and other components central to your PC’s functioning slow down.

. Update Drivers

Computers – regardless of the operating system – are based on the same architecture and store and process information following the same processes. That being said, drivers are an essential part of any PC. Failure to update them can cripple individual components of the computer, making it almost unusable.

For gamers, the graphics drivers have the most sway on how the computer will display certain visuals. You may want to find drivers explicitly designed for gaming if you want top performance for hardcore gaming.

. Adjust Power Settings

Power management has been shown to have an impact on some computers’ performance. Laptops, which are built to be used away from a wall socket, are particularly dependent on the power management settings.

Windows provides a range of power management calibrations, but for the optimal gaming experience, you may need to plug in your charger and choose the high-performance option, which can be found under “Additional power settings.”

. Close Any App That May Be Running In The Background

Regardless of the size of your computer’s RAM, running more than one app at a time can impact your PC’s performance even if by a tiny margin. When opening your game or logging into a mobile casino, such as casumo casino, ensure any app you are not using is closed.

If you are using Windows, check the System Tray in the taskbar to ensure no app is still running in the background.

. Check Your Connection

A computer’s gaming performance is primarily dictated by the drivers, hardware, and configuration. However, if you are an online gaming buff or a regular in online casinos, your internet connection is another vital element to consider.

Lagging is the most common culprit behind troublesome online gaming. Especially when you gamble on sites like This can be attributed to a poor internet connection, though sometimes it has something to do with a weakened connection between the router and the PC.

To eliminate this, ensure your computer’s network card has up-to-date drivers. If there is no significant change in performance, consider using a cable to connect your PC to the router.