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How To Optimize Your Email Marketing For 2018 

How To Optimize Your Email Marketing For 2018

It might be nearly the fourth month of 2018. But, it is not still late for you to optimize your email marketing campaign for better performance and output! Since you’re reading this, we hope you know the importance of email marketing when it comes to attracting new customers as well as maintaining the existing ones. And, if you are going to use the same techniques you used last year, things aren’t going to be different. In fact, it may also cause the loss of existing customers. So, to help you deal with that, we’ve some quick suggestions on how to optimize your email marketing campaign for 2018.

#1 Make Way for Automation

Email automation can boost your campaigns in an effective manner, especially if you run an online business. Of course, you don’t have time to sit in front of the computer, sort out customer accounts and send separate mails to them. This is where you can use marketing automation options from services like SendPulse. Using its Automation 360 feature, you can set up triggers and auto-responders. For instance, if a customer added a product to cart but didn’t purchase it, your server will automatically send an email, probably with a coupon code. Similarly, you can set up other triggers too. Automation can, in no time, save your time while ensuring better conversion rates. So, you should implement automation services in your email campaign ASAP.

#2 Mobile-Friendly Emails Are a Must

If you still haven’t made your email newsletters mobile-friendly, you are running at least two years back. In case you did not know, even Google has started promoting mobile-friendly pages, along with speeds. So, as far as your newsletter is concerned, it should work fine in every device possible. This is not an issue if you’re using one of the popular email marketing solutions out there. They help you create newsletters with 100% responsive design. So, at the end of the day, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility. You should be also careful about the loading speed of the mail, since 2018 is also the year of speed 😉 In short, you have to make sure that your emails reach the right place, at right time, for everyone.

#3 Use Authentic Sources

Planning to purchase an email list from an unknown source? It’s not a good idea, at least in 2018. After the dawn of privacy issues and other threats, customers are now concerned about permission. When you get an email address from someplace else, you never know if the person wants your product/service. So, you should always rely on authentic source when it comes to subscriber list. We’d recommend using the healthy options around. For instance, you can set up social media campaigns and other campaigns for basic surfacing. Once you have the permission of the user to contact them, you can make things personal and effective. This tip is also useful in increasing the deliverability of your email messages.

#4 Never Make Your Emails Promotion-Only

This is something prominent regardless the type of business you own. Starting from 2018, you should do this in your email messages too. We both know that email is still one of the effective methods to communicate with a person — we mean, a real person. So, instead of dumping a lot of promotional material in their inbox, try some other content too. For instance, you can send some worthy newsletters that may or may not have an impact on your product usage. If you own an online shopping site, you can send an email with Thank You notes, every time you reach a milestone. This will make sure that you have a good rapport with the customers and the overall trust factor.

Wrapping Up

Trying these four things is surely going to have an impact on your 2018 email marketing campaigns! Along with these, you should use better data analytics as well. Most importantly, you should take necessary actions if you think people aren’t opening the emails as you expect them to!

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