For some most tiresome, for others quite enjoyable, yet as in WoW Classic, gold farming remains one of the most crucial parts of the game in WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade, no matter if your focus in on the PvP or the PvE aspects of the game.

There is also this kind of direct relationship by what value a player brings to the group especially in the PvE high-end game environment, as gold is always related to the much needed consumables, as in the case of heroic dungeon runs and raids.

To reach the high-end parts of the game, approximate estimations are calculated that about 20000 gold is needed for skilling up the professions, obtaining fast flying mount and getting a decent BiS type of gear.

Ways to Farm Gold in WoW TBC Classic

The Auction House

One of the most utilized methods, as almost* every player uses it one way or the other. Buy low and sell high always works provided you find the most appropriate items. One way is to buy flasks and potions during the weekends, and sell them right after the raid-resets on Tuesday. Another way is to farm the old content in Azeroth for profession materials. Most of the players will be leveling their alts and they are used to purchase the lower level materials required for leveling up their profession skills: think like ores (Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Mithril Ore, Thorium Ore, especially Mithril) – they are needed for Blacksmithing, Engineering and the most profitable TBC profession – Jewelcrafting. Herbs for skilling up Alchemy 1-300 work very well. Even good old Linen Cloth, Wool Cloth, Silk Cloth, Mageweave and Runecloth for Tailoring. All of these items are very easily to obtain if you are level 60+ with 100% speed mount and they are being sold for a much higher price than what it used to be in the Classic Era content.

Farming Primals

Primals of Might, Water, Fire, Air and Earth are used in a very similar way as Essences were used in the Vanilla content. Primals of Air hold especially higher prices and these can be farmed in the Shadowmoon Valley. Look for the Enraged Air Spirits near the Dragonmaw Fortress there. The Elemental Plateau at Nagrand as well, but it is usually more overcrowded with players.


Introducted in the Burning Crusade, the Jewelcrafting is a “gold-mine” profession. Previously non-existing sockets become available for armor and weapons and the gems provided by Jewelcrafting can add tremendous boost to armor with various stats depending on the play-style and chosen class specialization.

Buying WoW TBC Classic Gold

While frowned by some, one can certainly be amazed by learning how many players actually buy gold. It is widely accepted that around 15% of the players are regular-weekly gold buyers and that up to 40% have at some point bought gold at least once. Around the same amount have used a boosting or power leveling type of service for either getting fast leveling to 70, gear improvements and for attaining and completing various other ingame tasks. Players usually buy boosting services to improve their reputation or attain higher Arena Rating in the Burning Crusade Classic.

While some say that buying gold ruins the game economy, trade of in-game currency for real money (RMT trade) is here to stay. Experience shows that gold buyers were not affected by game suspensions during the Vanilla Classic Era (2019-2021) and that Blizzard only targeted the mass farmers, making it ideal for people who are busy to buy gold.

Some would say lucrative, but if you are casual player, buying gold for WoW TBC Classic certainly cuts some very time-consuming repetitive game tasks and players can focus on whatever brings them fun and enjoyment ingame, like PvE High End content and PvP. An ideal example is that a gold amount of about 10000 can reduce your preparation time for the high-end game part by a month.

The common methods for gold transfers are mailing, C.O.D mail, Auction House, direct trades, receiving high-value items instead of gold and with the introduction of Guild Banks in the Burning Crusade that option becomes available as well. Example of such a trade is, a buyer can create a level 1 alternative character, be invited into a gold seller’s guild, get the gold out of the bank and transfer it to the main character.