What is a database? It’s a collection of data that a company or business inevitably amasses and uses in the course of its operation. In most cases this data is sensitive which means that databases contain various personal information such as names, addressed, e-mails, medical and banking details. Unfortunately, often database owners and admins have no idea who is querying their database and why. Or, sometimes database owners and admins think that they know who is querying their database and why. It’s all fine until some IT evildoers decide that the information in proprietary databases belongs to them too. The results of this we can see on weekly basis in news about database hacks and leaks. Consequently, the companies leaking the data they were supposed to store and safeguard have their business image and reputation hacked too.

Your databases are one of the most important assets of your company and they should be protected really well as we’re speaking sensitive personal data here. National and international legislators understand that and are imposing rather strict regulations aimed at protecting databases and sensitive data. A recent example is the introduction of the GDPR legislation which significantly increases the stakes for sensitive data loss and breach.

Whenever you really decide who is using your database and why inevitably arises the following question: is it better to build your own database activity monitoring tool or buy it from professionals? Building your own tools takes time and money and sometimes doesn’t give the anticipated results as requires experience and expertise how to design it and make database activity work in the most effective way. DataSunrise is the company that can ensure total protection of your data.

Database activity monitoring tool has to be comprehensive. It should be able to keep track of any CPU, memory input/output difficulties your servers may experience and pinpoint the problems immediately. That is needed for capacity planning and to show possible bottlenecks hindering the normal operation of your databases.

Also, database activity monitoring tool should be able to inform the database owners and admins if something bad or suspicious is happening. These notifications should be accurate, reliable and informative so that you don’t spend time looking through all the operation logs to identify the source of your database deteriorating performance.

When using database activity monitoring from DataSunrise you can always see who and when was viewing or changing the data in your database. That can help to reveal SQL injections,spot fraudulent insider activity and other suspicious operations and actions as all the incoming database traffic is analyzed.

DataSunrise database activity monitoring is done though a set of auditing rules. These rules are highly adjustable and ensure that all of a customer’s needs for database activity monitoring are fully met.

Moreover, DataSunrise database activity monitoring tool includes a self-learning algorithm that helps to create a whitelist of queries considered to be safe and secure. That increases the speed of the database activity monitoring and makes it more accurate.

DataSunrise collects the following information about each query and the system in general:

  • Session data: user authentication time, IP address, host name, used applications, query list;
  • SQL codes of executed transactions;
  • System events: security policy update, configuration changes, group profile modifications, configuration changes.

Collecting such detailed information makes sure that not a single query to your database goes unnoticed and unattended.

Having the DataSunrise database activity monitoring tool in place ensures that you’ve taken the first step to be compliant with the requirements of national and international sensitive data protection regulations. This compliance is vitally important for any modern company. Alongside with database activity monitoring DataSunrise has other tools that you’ll surely enjoy using and which enhance the level of your database protection:

1) DataSunrise Data Masking. The data in your databases can be obfuscated both statically and dynamically. In the result what any unauthorized query to your database gets is just fake data.

2) DataSunrise Firewall. This feature ensured protections against unauthorized queries and possible SQL injections.

3) DataSunrise Sensitive Data Discovery. This tool makes sure that every bit of sensitive information in your databases is retrieved and taken care of, even if you’re not aware you have it. After the sensitive data has been discovered access to it is strictly controlled and logged.

DataSunrise is offering you the state-of-the-art database protection and invites you to join the world of secured databases!