Nowadays it is quite difficult for any company to get by without a solid social media personality and channel. Facebook pages, Instagram or Twitter accounts and posting on them are a daily routine for any online entrepreneurs because they know how powerful these tools are. They simply let the businessmen reach their targets in the most effective way.

A few years back it was simpler to get noticed. The competition wasn’t so intense, it was a lot easier to reach your targeted customers and you didn’t need additional paid advertising campaigns. But the times have changed and the social platforms have also evolved. The truth is that – in order to be noticed today on any of the social platform you need a social marketing campaign.

If we have it cleared let me tell you another thing. If you have already decided to start a social marketing campaign you need to think of the ways you will measure its effectiveness. Not for the sake of having data but for ways to improve it and make them perfect. So how to measure the social media marketing campaign success?

5 ways to measure success of social media marketing campaign

1. Increased number of fans or followers

Let’s start with the most simple and obvious one before we get to more complex ways of measuring campaign success. Increased number of fans or followers is the most transparent and visible measurement of your campaign success. If you see significant growth of Facebook likes, Twitter or Instagram followers you can be proud as it means that your campaign is going well.

However, if you don’t see any increases or the growth is not as big as you thought it would be you should try to look for the cause of that. Try to recall the time you had the biggest growth of fans on your social media platform and determine what was the determinant of that. Think about it well and reimplement that.

2. UTM tracking

UTM tracking dates back to 2005 but is still not very widely used by marketers. It is gaining popularity but still is a little bit underrated as it can be highly powerful for improving your social media marketing campaigns. With UTM you are able to track campaigns efficiency and find out what advertisement types work best for your audience.

With UTM tracking you can check exactly what traffic your campaign brought to your business website and if that traffic was actually caused by the campaign instead of another channel. With UTM tracking you are capable of tracking valuable information about the traffic on your page and use it to improve your campaigns and marketing activities.

3. Increased reach of your platform

Platform reach is showing the power of your brand in social media. If your brand is frequently mentioned on all of the ones you use it means that you are doing a good job! But if it isn’t you shouldn’t worry that much because you don’t need to be a star of every single one of them. Think about your targeted audience and the social platform they are more prone to use. Their favorite one is the one you should worry about.

If you see that, thanks to your campaign, your reach has substantially expanded that means that your business is starting to get attention! If it gets the attention it means that the increasing number of people are getting interested in your business. The platform reach is extremely important as if it is weak you may actually struggle to get your business going. And if it is wide your business can thrive in no time.  And that’s the effect you want after any social media marketing campaign 😉