Shoppers love sweet deals.

Especially they are fond of discounts and specials during the so-called Big Holidays Season that starts at Halloween and ends up with New Year.

But like in Cinderella’s story, when the clock strikes midnight and all new people who bought products from you suddenly vanish to never come back.

Hence, the question. How to turn first-time seasonal shoppers into repeat customers and lifetime fans of your eCommerce store?

In this article, we’re going to tell you the most effective ways how to do that.

Let the story begin.


#1.Exceed Shoppers Expectations

Like many other retailers you can offer seasonal deals/ coupons/ sales and …that’s it. But you can take a different track and add some special things that your competitors don’t have.

If you can stand out, people will remember your brand.

Here are some tips that will help you exceed customers expectations after winter holidays.



Your seasonal shoppers can easily become your brand advocates if you can treat them the right way.

Start with the personalized thank-you email (or even a real letter). This is so simple, still many online merchants overlook it.

Let people know how grateful you are to have them as customers. Write a couple of inspiring lines, wish them happy holidays and don’t forget to offer product assistance anytime your customers may need it.

An ideal scenario for this is of course a hand-written letter (sounds crazy right), but believe me no email would ever bring so much magic and happiness than such a personal message.


Exclusive Post-Sale Specials 

Afraid of post-holiday sales slump? Leave this feeling to your competitors.
A few weeks after all the Christmas buzzgoes down, spark interest among new customers with something exclusive.

Offer free guides, VIP entries,  early bird deals, coupons, backstage with a new product, etc. This might be a good idea to bring customers back. 

Perfect Customer Service

Don’t wait when your customers start asking questions. Do it first (but don’t be pushy). Ask whether everything is ok with the product or whether there’re any questions. Remember, nothing is so annoying as indifference.

#2. Win Customers with Emails

Emails work great when it comes to building relationship with customers. A heart warming message (not a promotional one!) can easily endear your subscribers and bring back their interest to your brand.


According to numerous reports, those friendly emails get 10 times more response than promotional ones.

When done with a great welcoming email, think of useful/ helpful/ inspiring/ exclusive messages that can interest your shoppers. Here’re some ideas:

  1. Educate your customers. Send niche case studies, reports, blog posts, interviews or any other material that brings value to customers. For example, if you sell hats, send colorful DIY instructions or fashion look-books.
  2. Have fun. No need to be boring in marketing. It’s not a serious scientific meeting where every step is thought through. Add a cute or fun image that perfectly matches your brand/campaign message. People love and value good humor.
  3. Tell about your brand with customer voice, include success stories, videos or interviews. Show users that people like you and me can achieve hight using your product.


#3. Think of Details

The devil is in the details.

Make the first impression with your brand really awesome. Especially during the biggest holiday season. Keep in mind that some people are purchasing your products as a gift. So, offering services like gift wrap or personalized notes would be a sweet advance.

When offered correctly, extra services make shoppers’ life easier. Even more, rush delivery, packaging integrity, installation or other help-line performance give customers more reasons to buy.

If content generation lies on your fantasy and imagination shoulders, extra services option need to be implemented with a 3d party tool (Magento 2 extra fee is perfect if you use the cognominal platform).

Bottom Line:

The above mentioned strategies work great not only for seasonal shoppers. Treat your customers great, implement boldest marketing ideas and don’t be afraid to experiment all year round.

In the end, word of mouth works even faster that any of the existing marketing technique.
Anything else to add? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Natalie Pavlovskaya is a Marketing Executive at MageWorx.Com, Magento 2 extension developer. A passionate marketer by day and a copywriter by night, she is here to speak all things ecommerce, UX, digital marketing and social media. The Rolling Stones addict.