For many, freelancing is the holy grail of working life. Once you work for yourself, there are no more early starts, no more commuting, no more fixed salaries, and no one to limit what you can achieve. The only person that you have to please is yourself, and the freedom of your new venture is incredible.


However, although working in your pyjamas, eating cake for lunch, and sleeping until midday are all perfectly acceptable, freelancing still has its shortcomings. Working alone can get a little lonely, maintaining a professional image can be hard, and keeping motivation at its premium can be an on-going struggle.

Luckily, we live in a world where the internet and technology can almost always come to the rescue. Here are three of the most common problems faced by freelancers, and some great ways to fix them…

1. Freelancing Can Be Lonely

One of the main complaints from freelancers is that working from home can get lonely. Although it’s great to escape from nightmare bosses and annoying colleagues, it also entails spending a lot of time alone, and that’s something that many people struggle with. But it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. If collaboration helps you to achieve your full potential, then get yourself onto the internet and find a forum for like-minded professionals. There are lots of websites dedicated to working together, so if you find that two minds really are better than one, go in search of those who can help you.

Freelancing Can Be Lonely

2. Working Alone Can Be Limiting

Another common complaint is that working alone can be limiting. Many suggest that they frequently lose out on job opportunities because agencies have the facilities to offer a much more comprehensive package. It’s true that collaboration can make your services more appealing, so gather your courage and do something to fix it. LinkedIn offers a fantastic foundation for identifying and approaching professionals that you can work with, and video call services such as Skype make keeping in touch as easy as pie.

3. It Can Be Hard to Maintain a Professional Image

Another factor that many freelancers claim disadvantages them is the lack of professionalism associated with a nomadic work life. If you lack an office, secretary, and all the trappings of agency or in-house work, you’ll find that some clients are innately mistrustful of your services. Luckily for you, this is easily remedied. Companies like LEO offer a fantastic innovation in the form of virtual offices, which provide all the boons of a prestigious address, along with a fixed abode as and when you need it.

Make sure that you don’t get left behind today, and let technology transform your venture.