A hotel website is one of the most important tools that a business can use to get customers to visit their property. A well-maintained site means that it will appeal to tourists whether they want to head there for business or pleasure. It should have all the necessary details such as room amenities and services available at the residence. Hotels have to be careful to not overload their site with excess information and include great photos of living spaces and if available of spas, swimming pools and gardens. The firms want to be able to entice guests to the property and this can only be done if the site looks good and is easy to navigate.

The website is a reflection on what the hotel itself is like and businesses should keep their site modern and simple. There should definitely be links to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as picture-sharing sites including Instagram and Pinterest. Here tourists should be able to sample some of the best parts of the hotel and learn of any promotions or offers. If the accommodation is known for hosting weddings or business events, then this should definitely be highlighted with pictures of facilities available and pretty views. The hotel’s identity is shaped through what its website looks like to the public.


There should also definitely be some videos to accompany the pictures that can include content about what the hotel looks like inside, or cover a special occasion such as Christmas or Easter. When a traveller gets to see what a residence looks like then they get very excited by the idea of reserving a room and going there. The website should also certainly be able to take online bookings and have a fast reservation system. Potential guests do not want to be taking ages when picking a hotel room. The price should be clearly displayed on the website for a night’s stay, and this should not change with extra costs at a later stage of booking.

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