You don’t need a degree in business studies to know that any downtime during working hours can be very costly. Any time you spend not working is essentially money going down the drain and more annoyingly you can’t get this back.


Imagine for a minute then that you’ve had to stop working for reasons beyond your control, for example if your company experiences a power shortage? Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? What, you’ll be pleased to note though is that this is not necessarily the case. While you can’t control a blackout, there are certain alternative ways you can make the most of the time.

So, to prepare you for this possible situation, in this post you’ll find some ways you can put your time to good use and maintain productivity during this down time. Read on to find out more.

Informal Team Meetings

Conversations via email can sometimes be lost in translation and often busy schedules don’t give staff the opportunity to air any issues they may have. So why not use this time to gather your employees together for an informal meeting where they get a chance to speak? Not only is this useful for you as a manager, staff will appreciate the chance to get their point across. You might need to have some candles on standby though for lighting.

Informal Team Meetings

Looking to the Future

Along with informal meetings, you can also use the time in a more professional manner. Again, gather your staff and this time talk about what you want from them and equally get them to tell you what they want for the company. By doing so there’s the strong possibility that you may come up with an even stronger business plan.

A Time to Organise

Another option you have is to get your workplace looking like new. You don’t need electricity to do basic tidying up, so you can have staff organise their desks, cabinets and offices while power is being restored.

Relax and Unwind

It doesn’t have to all be about immediate productivity. There’s a lot to be said for giving your staff a chance to recharge – if you’ll forgive the pun – while the power issues are being rectified. This extra social time could reward your business with a refreshed team who are ready to put 110% back into their work.

Being One Step Ahead

The alternative to all of the above of course is to get a step ahead of the game and have a backup generator or two on site, ready for the situation. Not only will this ensure your business keeps working but will also protect your data should you have servers running 24/7.