The Lame_enc.dll error is one of the more common types of DLL errors that could pop up on your Windows computer from time to time. DLL stands for dynamic link libraries, and are files containing instructions that can be requested by installed programs, features and software to perform specific functions on your PC.

This Lame_enc.dll error in particular can be caused by ahandful of reasons which may include any of the following:

  • Corrupt DLL file
  • Malware
  • Unintentional deletion of the file from your PC
  • Inaccurate installation processes
  • Corrupt registries

Lame_enc.dll errors are very crucial and should be fixed as soon as possible to maintain system stability, prevent loss of data and enjoy a consequently faster computer.

Whatever may be the root of your Lame_enc.dll error, today’s post looks at how to restore your system to full operation and rid it of the annoying Lame_enc.dll error once and for all.

1. Reinstall any recently uninstalled programs or uninstall any recently installed programs and reboot your PC

One of the ways that you can lose your default Lame_enc.dll file is through an incorrect uninstallation or through the installation of a new program that could have overwritten the file.

DLL files work in a way that they are accessible by a wide array of programs using similar processes simultaneously. During the uninstallation of a program, you may have opted to clear the files and data of such software, taking along some of the process files it utilizes such as the Lame_enc.dll file.

If you only started getting the Lame_enc.dll file after you deleted or completed an uninstallation of a program file, you will want to get the setup software of that program and perform a clean install back to your system.

After reinstalling the program, restart your PC and try to run any of the processes that initially resulted in a Lame_enc.dll file error. Also, installing some new programs that may have Lame_enc.dll dependencies may cause your system to produce an error when it cannot find the required file. Some new programs usually have conflicts running simultaneously with other files using the Lame_enc.dll file and may also produce an error.

Simply head to your control panel, look for the programs and features or add/remove programs section. Locate the recently installed program and click the uninstall option. Reboot your system and retry opening an application that had first produced a Lame_enc.dll error.

2. Manually download and locate the Lame_enc.dll file

It is totally normal that you have lost your Lame_enc.dll file due to some deletion activity or some uninstallation. If you’re not sure which of the programs to reinstall, especially when you might not have any particular need for them on your PC, you can manually download and place the Lame_enc.dll file in its appropriate location on your PC.

Sometimes, you might actually have deleted a DLL file when playing around in your system folder. The logical step is to try looking in your PC’s recycle bin for the file. If you can find it, simply right-click the file and select restore. This should restore the file back to its location. If you can’t find it, you will need to head to a safe website like to locate and download the DLL file.

It is important that you only download from trusted and reputable sites like as there are several DLL sites that have malicious files that can perpetuate DLL hijacking and hacking that will obtain valuable user information from your PC.

Once you have finished downloading the DLL file (which should be a zip folder), locate it on your PC and extract its content.

Look for the Lame_enc.dll file and copy it. Head to the system32 folder and paste it there. Here’s how to get to the system32 folder if you don’t know where it is.

  1. Navigate to my computer and locate the drive where your Windows operating system is installed.
  2. Open the windows folder. Inside this folder, you should find another folder named System32
  3. Open this system32 folder and you should see other DLL files for the windows OS

Using the keyboard, hit Control + V or right click and select the paste option to paste the Lame_enc.dll file in this folder.

It is important that you do not play around in this folder as these files could cause system instability and any modification or deletion of DLL files here could cause data loss or a crash of the OS.

Now, close the folder and try to run the applications you want.

3. Scan and clean your registry

More often than not, it is your registry that is the chief culprit in your missing Lame_enc.dll file error.

The registry is one of the most critical components of the Windows OS, it stores all the information about the DLL files, installed and uninstalled programs, features and software on your PC. You will want to clean your registry for corrupt or invalid entries that could have caused the Lame_enc.dll errors.

If you’re having registry errors, you are not alone. It is practically unavoidable considering the high amount of freeware you download and the loads of programs trying to log invalid and useless entries.

You can achieve this by performing some system maintenance tasks from the control panel, but we personally recommended using a 3rd party software that will scan and clean your registry for corrupt entries.

Allow any program you opt for to scan and complete the cleaning of the registry. Restart your PC and re-run the apps you wanted to use before facing the DLL errors. It should be all fixed!

There you have it. These 3 steps should fix all your Lame_enc.dll file woes and help you to keep your system running faster without annoying dialog boxes for Lame_enc.dll errors.

It is also important that you have an active Windows operating system antivirus or anti-malware program as viruses and malwares can mess up your system registry and corrupt important DLL files.