The most important resource that a company can boast of is its employees. Have you been feeling lately that your employees simply don’t feel like giving their best? Lack of enthusiasm and motivation in your company can be dangerous. It can make you lose out your best workers, affect your numbers and in extreme cases, even ruin your entire business. Therefore, it is important that you take steps to motivate them.

Work on employee satisfaction

Data shows that the productivity of an organisation can increase by 20-25% if employees feel connected to the organisation and satisfied with their work. Therefore, if you feel a lack of enthusiasm in your employees, make sure to ensure that your employees are satisfied with their work as well as work environment. There are various factors which can contribute to a low job satisfaction for your employees and it is important to find out and work on it to improve employee satisfaction.

Better benefits

Your employees spend a considerable part of their lives toiling to bring you profit and they do deserve some perks for that. Offer them better benefits such as health insurance, paid vacations for quality family time, better education opportunities for their children etc. This will improve the overall happiness of your employees and imbibe a sense of gratefulness which will motivate them to put in more effort. Moreover, perks and benefits will also prevent other companies from poaching your best talents.

Appreciation matters

It is important to appreciate your employees for their contribution towards your company. They must feel loved, needed and cared for, since they are the pillars of your entire business. Compliment on every big sale they make or any problem they solve. Give them performance-based incentives such as bonus, leave, or even gifts etc. to help them achieve better and do more for the company. Be generous with the awards and rewards, and see your profits flow in.

Employees love challenges

Give your employees challenges to look forward to. Lack of challenge can be boring, and it can kill productivity. It is often seen that the lack of healthy challenges in work drive the motivation out of the workers which, in turn, results in a lackadaisical attitude towards work. This reduces the overall productivity and thereby, turnover of the company. Encourage a healthy challenging and competitive work culture for the best productivity.

Make change a constant

Make sure that the workplace doesn’t fall into such a routine that your employees are bored out of their minds. Bring certain changes in the everyday routine such as random redecoration, impromptu events, fun quizzes and contents, family day etc. to keep the variety going on. This will help stir up the life at office and keep the enthusiasm going on so that the employees feel alive at work.

Hear them out

It is often seen that employees do come up with brilliant ideas which can change the way the company works and drive them towards better profit. Give your employees the opportunity to improve the company’s performance. Giving them a space to voice their thoughts and opinions will motivate them to perform better and bring about improvements.

Communicate better

Communication is the key to better results. Be clear about what you want from them and they will deliver. Whether you want them to work on Columbia University哥伦比亚大学 or Columbia politics, make sure you communicate in no ambiguous terms.

For the best productivity of your company, it is important to arouse adequate enthusiasm and motivate your employees to do better.