Being a small-business owner allows you plenty of perks. From the simple joy that comes with working for yourself to the immense satisfaction that even the smallest success brings, being your own boss can be remarkably rewarding. That being said, owning a small business also provides ample opportunity for headache and heartbreak.

You’re often short on cash and long on hours, which means not everything that needs to get done gets done, and while it’s true that some of the items on your to-do list will meet an unhappy and unfinished fate, increasing your business’s online visibility doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are some simple ways you can increase your small business’s online visibility—and stay within budget.

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Add Pages

Driving more traffic to your website doesn’t require a computer science degree, but it will take effort. One place you should put that effort is in adding pages to your site. While Google’s algorithms are a secret, sites that have more pages tend to rank higher in search results than those that don’t. Just be sure you’re adding pages that will actually be of interest to your customer base. One easy way to increase your pages is to add a blog.

Posting one to two informative blogs a week on your site will give customers a reason to check in with you regularly, and it will also show search engines that you’re providing regularly updated content, which will help you in rankings. But there are other options, too. Telling the story of your company, adding a photo gallery, including a staff page with bios on the people who work for you—these ideas and others like them help you increase your page amount in a way that will enhance users’ experience while also feeling natural.

Get Smart with Social Media

You probably have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but are you using those sites and others like them effectively? Just having a presence on social media isn’t enough to turn the tide of online visibility in your favor. In order for social media to do you and your business any favors, you need to be using it regularly.

Post something interesting to your Facebook page once a day, and interact with anyone who interacts with you. Tweets should happen at a rate of at least twice a day, and any other social media site you can justify being on (Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.) and actually use will help you, too. Not only does regular use of social media create more potential visibility to your customers on each specific site, but the more you and your business are active around the web, the more search engines will index your activity, comments, links and the like—all of which will boost your search engine rankings.

Get All the Google You can

Get All the Google You Can

Over 1 billion unique users conduct roughly 12 billion searches on Google each month, which means that in order to boost your online visibility, you need to boost Google’s awareness of you. And because Google is a lot more than just a search engine, there are a lot of different paths to help you reach that goal.

  • Google+.Google+ is Google’s answer to social media, but it will do a lot more for you than just increase your online network. By building up your Google+ profile, you’ll become easier for Google to find in local and regular searches.
  • Google owns YouTube, which means it has a vested interest in the site’s success. To that end, companies that regularly post to videos to YouTube—even simple and lo-fi how-to videos—rank higher in Google searches.
  • Google Places for Business. Google Places is a great tool for local searches. Updating your Google Places for Business profile will ensure your company shows up on Maps and searches that include the town in which you’re located.

List Everywhere

There is a plethora of business listing services across the Internet. Some of them are industry-specific, and some are not, but listing your business with as many of them as you can will help potential customers utilizing those directories find you, and all those mentions of your business scattered across the web will assist you mightily in your search engine rankings.

Increasing your small business’s online visibility doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little time and some well-placed effort, your website can rank higher with searches and bring in more traffic, which will almost certainly yield you more business.