Experienced casino players have one rule when playing roulette—follow the odds. Look for a game that gives you the fairest chance of winning. Then figure out how to win enough times to make profits over time.

Of course, winning consistently at roulette is easier said than done. It’s a game of luck. And that means no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid losses. That’s alright, though. You might not win every time. But you could improve your game through these tips.

1.Understand the Odds

If you’re like many people, your goal is to win decent money at roulette often. But for that to happen, you must understand the game’s odds. Even money bets like blacks/reds, odds/evens and highs/lows have the best odds. 

When you bet money on black, you have odds 48.6% in European roulette and 46.37% in American roulette. With both games, you get paid 1:1 when you win. However, the European version gives you slightly better odds.

When you bet a specific number on roulette, you get paid a decent amount: 35 to 1. But the odds are depressingly low, 2.7% for European roulette and 2.6% for European roulette. From a different angle, the European variant has a house edge of 2.7% while the American game gives the house a 5.26% advantage.

2. Join a Top-rated Casino

The best online casinos can help you win more often at roulette. Picture this. You get access to a wide range of roulette variations and trendy tech features. And in doing so, you can play games with varying payout rates, improved odds and favorable rules.

What’s more, you get access to fair games. This is pretty important because it ensures the house doesn’t have a bigger advantage than it should. Additionally, fair games make roulette exciting, because you don’t lose every other time.

In case you’re wondering, you can learn where to find the best roulette casinos on this site.  It ranks the best ten roulette casinos based on their ratings. And it also shows you the number of roulette games they provide, including mobile casino games.

3. Use Bonuses Regularly

Being a game of luck, there are no special skills needed to win at roulette. However, using bonuses and promotions can improve your record for one important reason. Bonuses let you play the game for real money.

So, if you receive $50 from a casino and spend it on ten $5 bets, you won’t have lost your cash. Instead, you’ll have had ten chances to win real money. And isn’t that the entire objective of gambling?

Truth be told, bonuses have their limitations. These rules are set by casinos. For example, they might give you betting money you can’t use on even money roulette bets. Or, you can’t bet more than $5 per round.

4. Play Different Roulette Games

As we mentioned earlier, the best roulette casinos provide a variety of roulette games. Play many of these games when you get the chance: French, European, American, Lightning, Mini and progressive roulette.

Each roulette variant has pros and cons. For example, lightning roulette is fast-paced, vibrant and has a feature that multiplies your wins 500 times. But the game comes with incredibly low odds. 

On the flip side, French roulette has two rules that lower the house advantage significantly. But the game isn’t always easy to find. Progressive roulette doesn’t feature the best odds too. However, it has high-paying jackpots.

5. Use Betting Systems Carefully

You’ve heard of stories of people who used systems to beat casinos at roulette. A few of them are true. Many of them are false. What should you do? Try some of the strategies, but don’t count on them entirely. 

Take Martingale system as an example. It says you should double your stake every time you lose. If you bet $10 once and win, you wager $10 again. But if you lose, you bet $20. If you lose again, you bet $40. It’s an immensely risky betting strategy, and many people avoid it.

  Another strategy is the Paroli system. It dictates that you should double your stake after you win. It’s a bit safe because you tend to bet with money you’ve won. But unless you have many winning streaks, it doesn’t work for most people.

6. Practice Roulette through Free Apps

If you’re a beginner at roulette, don’t rush to play the game for real money. Take time playing it for free. You can download a mobile app or find websites that let you play the game without wagering real cash.

Play different variations of the game to ascertain which versions lead to the most wins. Then try out different systems and anything else you think can help increase your odds of winning. The objective is to find out what works and what does not.

If you discover that betting maximum amounts helps you break even, then incorporate it into your strategy. By comparison, if you’re intrigued by mobile roulette, choose it over playing on your computer.

7. Follow your Budget

A budget is absolutely necessary when playing casino games. Not only does it guide you on the amount to spend, daily, weekly and month; but it also helps you keep records. You can look at your budget and view how much you won and lost in a month.

And in doing so, you can discover errors you made, set new goals and adjust your budget. What’s more, a budget helps keep your finances in order—you’ll have a specific amount of money to bet on games.

8. Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks from roulette can do wonders for your game. Think about it. You could be losing and feeling the urge to follow your losses. But once you take a break, you can decide to quit your gaming session and play afterwards.

Taking regular breaks also helps you avoid addiction. You don’t have to treat betting like a profession. Additionally, it doesn’t need to take much of your day. Instead, you can allocate a couple of hours on the game and do more productive things for the rest of your day.