If you want your cheap web design to deliver results it needs to be designed in such a way that all the information that visitors expect to find on your website can be accessed right away. Therefore, one of the most important objectives of any web design should be to empower new visitors to glance over a web page quickly, yet still be able to find what they are searching for. In short, you want your web design to be “scannable”. Luckily that can easily be achieved with the help of the following five steps.

Stick to standard web design practices

It is best to try and follow standard web design convention as much as possible. Navigation that is confusing to visitors is one of the four common mistakes of any cheap web design. So, to keep your navigation as simple as possible, you can for example place your main menu at the top of the web page, while the “Contact us” call-to-action prompt will be at the bottom of the web page. Another typical convention when it comes to web design is to place the search bar right at the top of your home page.

Select the right font

Needless to say, the font that you select should be clear enough to read. With the help of enough white space and the right image in the right place, it will also be easier for your visitors to digest all the different sections of your website content.

After you have selected the font and decided where to insert white space, be sure to scan your text again to double-check that you have applied the font, colour and size consistently. Apart from adding that much-needed professional touch to your cheap web design, consistency makes it a whole lot easier for your potential customers to move from one section to the next.

Pay attention to size, colour and layout

By using size and colour effectively, you can create a visual hierarchy that will help to emphasise specific elements. You might be tempted simply to make an element extra large, but you would be surprised by the magical powers of contrasting colours!

Where you place your call-to-action buttons is one of the things that play a key role in any cheap web design. For instance, instead of making a call-to-action button larger, you can use contrast to ensure that these prompts along with other important elements of your web design grab your visitors’ attention. As a matter of fact, if you go the route of enlarging things as you see please, you will actually create the opposite effect which could overwhelm your potential customers. So, try to include red, black and yellow set against a white background in your cheap web design as these colours really know how to make something pop.

Keep it meaningful

Every single sentence that you include should convey something helpful. Therefore, be sure to include real testimonials or any awards that your business have been awarded.

Put a brake on the number of choices

You are not being kind by offering your potential customers too many choices. If they are presented with too many options, it will take longer for them to reach a decision (that is if they actually manage to find the info that they were looking for in the first place). By limiting the number of choices that your web design gives your visitors, you are also successfully reducing the amount of trivial information.