These days, we turn to Google or any other search engines we prefer whenever we need to find an answer to a question. As we all know, the first entries that are shown in the search engine are usually the sites that are visited.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims to help your site show up at the top in a highly competitive environment. It may seem confusing at first since the algorithms are constantly changing and improving, so here are some ways that will help you improve ineffective results:

Keyword Strategically

Using the proper keyword is the key to a successful SEO domain campaign. You can choose to target long tail keywords which are the longer and more specific phrases that people tend to naturally use when they search.

This will likely help you rank more easily instead of targeting more difficult keywords that are more competitive.

Optimize Your Domain

After choosing keywords that are relevant to your site, using a domain name that is specific for your site will be very advantageous in boosting your search rankings. This is because you will get more relevance in the search queries.

Keep in mind that having a short domain name is preferred by most search engines and in addition, this will also help users figure out what you do and it will be easier for them to remember the site itself.

Adjust Your Site’s Navigation and Internal Links

Search engines also determine the importance of each page, depending on your site’s navigation structure. When a page is often linked within your website, the search engine will rank it higher in the results pages for relevant queries.

Start by auditing the internal link structure and PageRank flow using tools like SiteLiner or Screaming Frog. Try to put internal links amongst your own web pages so that the link juice or page rank can flow through your site.

Also make sure you use the special noindex code for category pages or tags. This will help to preserve the link juice going to your main, important pages that you really want to rank for. If you have no idea how to place this noindex code, make sure you hire a professional.

Load Speed

The load speed of your site is a factor in search engine rankings. It has been shown that when loading takes longer than three seconds, site visitors abandon the site.

If you find that your website takes too long to load, don’t worry, because online tools are available to check your website load speed. These tools will provide you with a breakdown of each element as well as the time it takes for them to load. Again, if making any technical changes to your site is beyond your scope of knowledge, it’s better to hire a professional to do the job than to tinker with your site and cause more problems.


SEO strategies greatly help in improving unsatisfying Search Engine Optimization results. Try these simple steps to achieve higher rankings which should help you get more traffic to your site.