There are many methods to measure customers’ loyalty, but the NPS score is one of the most popular and effective. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and it evaluates your customers’ loyalty by asking just one simple question: would you recommend us?

NPS separates your customers into 3 types: Detractors, Passives and Promoters

First, you need to send the one NPS question to all your customers.

“How likely is it that you would recommend Company X / Product X to a friend or a colleague?”

The questions should be rated from 0 to 10, where 0 means not likely and 10 means extremely likely to recommend. Depending on people’s rates you will know if they are promoters or not.

  • Scores from 9 to 10 – “Promoters”: Loyal customers who will recommend your brand happily.
  • Scores from 7 to 8 – “Passives”: Customers that are satisfied but are not loyal.
  • Scores from 6 to 0 – “Detractors”: Unhappy customers that will talk badly about the brand.

How to calculate the score? Find the percentage of promoters and then subtract the percentage of detractors. For instance, if you have 35% of promoters and a 30% of detractors, your NPS score would be 5.

So, how to get more “Promoters”?

Read on for 7 strategies to improve your NPS score and get more loyal customers.

1) Promoting your brand should be easy

People can be very lazy, so make it easy for them to share their experiences and impressions about your services and products.

Interact and engage with your audience are the two basic actions that you should work on if you want people to promote your brand and social media can be a good place to put that into practice.

Create conversations, make it easy for them to talk, ask and speak their minds. You can even provide some sort of incentives for them. Maybe creating a contest, for instance. Ensure that your customers feel valued.

2) Pay attention to your Detractors…

Find out what went wrong when they were using your product or services. You can create a customer survey including key questions so you can identify precisely what wasunsatisfactoryabout their experience. Don’t forget to include open-ended questions so people can share their ideas with you.

3) …And also to your Promoters

Keep your loyal customers happy. Prepare special offers and rewards for these people who already love your product so they keep loving it. They will feel valuable and appreciated.

Also, ask them how they will improve the service, they have very valuable insights as well. Give them a voice.

4) Get to know your audience better

The only way to offer exactly what people want is by asking them. Surveys are a powerful and useful way to analyse the market and your product / service success. Before you launch a new product, ask people what they expect from it. And after lunching that product, ask people what they think of it and what would they improve.

5) Invest in your customer service

Sometimes our products don’t work properly. Sometimes the deliveries can be delayed. It happens. But the best way to keep the customer happy is to have an excellent customer service. You need to solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

6) Involve all your team in the NPS campaign

If you have chosen the NPS score as the main tool to measure the customer loyalty, then everybody in your company must know about it. They need to understand the method and why it’s important to the company. Everybody in the company should work onmaking the customers happy and get a good score.

7) Keep tracking the NPS score

If you keep monitoring the NPS score, you will find out if you’re improving. Then, you will be able to take specific actions in your company.

Final Thoughts

Customer satisfaction is the one of the keys to success and measuring it constantly can help us have better insights about how we are doing in the market. Your aim should be making customers happy, engaging with them and getting more promoters. Following these strategies will help you become a successful brand.

Is there any other useful strategy that you want to share with us?