Is the task of hiring a new team member intimidating you, especially when you cannot meet them?  Then you have to follow specific tips and steps for feeling good about the choice you have made.

This ongoing pandemic has moved thousands of jobs to home offices. Businesses are now looking for more remote teams with new eyes and considering how these alterations affect their business strategy. You might also be considering increasing your team size with some of the new remote workers. This provides some of the essential benefits:

  • You get access to a big talent pool. But with remote workers, you are not limited to the availability of talents in your local area. You can make hire team members across the country.
  • When you hire a remote team member from a different time zone, you enhance your business coverage time.
  • It decreases the cost of real estate. Virtually working team members will work from home, which implies there is no requirement of providing office space.
  • You will save money on benefits as well as insurance when you hire independent workers.

Studies have also proved that there is high job satisfaction when the working schedules are flexible. High job satisfaction means high productivity and team members who will stay with your company for a long time.

It is always better to hire the best candidate for each role rather than hiring a single person for doing several roles that might not be their specialty. For example, you can hire a social media manager, virtual assistance, and a bookkeeper on a remote basis rather than hiring one person who has to handle all three works.

With numerous reasons to hire remote team members, you might be thinking about how to do it efficiently? 

Hiring remote team members need a different level of skills. Here are the few tips that will assist you in finding and hiring a virtual team for your requirements:

Perfect job description: The most important thing is figuring out the accurate job title. By creating a perfect job title, it assists you in attracting pertinent candidates for your post. Think of your job title as your headline. Take into consideration the roles and responsibilities that you wish to have in a new hire to take up and make a perfect matching of the job title and description of those duties.

Make a plan to get hold of the candidates: Several options will assist you in finding the correct virtual team member. There are several traditional options like social media sites that have an extensive reach, and you are most likely to obtain a large number of resumes when you post the job opening. Lack of a human resource department can make the whole work daunting. Mot all small businesses have the required workforce or any time for reviewing the resumes.

If you find someone from your time zone or near it, this is also a consideration for the platform you are using.

Do proper candidate screening: When resumes start coming, try to establish a proper screening process depending on the traits that you want your employees should have. For that 

  • Look at their cover letters: Ask all candidates to include all specific details or essential phrases in their cover letter. It becomes easy for you to weed out for who do not pay good attention to your job needs.
  • Then move to the resumes for that person who are passing the cover letter test. Only select those resumes that are professionally present and have the traits and skills you are seeking for.
  • Ask all candidates to include one link to their work portfolio. This helps you in making a proper evaluation of the applicant’s works quality before reaching them.
  • If a candidate looks competent to you, then try to do a skill test for all candidates. 

Arrange an interview and check their references: When you are ready to meet your applicants, decide on how you want the interview to be conducted. If you want a short interview, then a phone call is enough. You can choose Zoom and Skype calls if you are interacting with the candidates through video calling.

It does not matter what platform you are using, but make its maximum by asking for some right questions. Always add questions that are pretty specific to the role you are searching for. When your questions are right, there is a high chance you will get insight to make a chosen solution.

Once your interview is finished and selected some of the top candidates, check for references. As per the standard protocol, the route mainly involves asking those applicants about the name and their contact information. 

Now make a job offer: Now it’s time to make a job offer. It starts with a verbal offer which is again followed by a written letter. The job offer must include the following details.

  • Initiating data and information about training.
  • Job classification.
  • Conditions of employment like probationary period and the contract terms.
  • Payment information like hourly rate or the salary.
  • Information about payment processing. 
  • The required working hour when specific hours are needed. 

Remote workers can help your business in getting some fresh energy and new options. They can also reduce your total load and increase your reach. 

Get armed with all those tips when you are ready to hire your remote team member.

Author Bio:- Aayush is Sr. Manager, Brand & Marketing at Uplers. He likes to stay on his toes when it comes to marketing and doing things worth risk-taking. He loves travelling and exploring local cuisines. In his free time reading books with coffee is all he wants.