Customers have a culture of taking care of each other, sharing their experiences so others can gain from them, and using sound judgment. When clients have a bad encounter, they feel the need to keep others from going through the same. When they have an amazing experience, they often have a positive outlook and share it with other people.

There have been many studies and good guidance given on the best way to work client reviews into SEO plans. While the exact details will change from organization-to-organization, a few shared characteristics can be applied no matter how you look at it.

Let’s see a couple of the important tips that make online reviews probably the most important tool in your SEO strategy.

  1. Claim Your ‘Google My Business’ Listing

Client online reviews are everywhere, but the most famous review website is Google. Most shoppers check reviews on Google before visiting a business. To keep up control of the Google reviews for your business, make or claim your Google My Business page, which will help you keep tabs on and react to your reviews. Reviews of your business will show up in Google and Google Maps search items, which will go far toward proving that you have a trustworthy and excellent business. Any replies you post to customer reviews will be seen directly under the review, marked “response from the owner.”

  1. Get More Reviews Strategically

Online reviews won’t benefit your SEO strategy in any way if you’re not getting them in the first place! Google and other web search tools like to see that people are picking your business and making an effort to leave their assessment on it. Sadly, the vast majority of clients will not be so hyped up about leaving a review, except if the experience was awful.

So, it would help if you went the extra mile to gather reviews from as many clients as you can. Fortunately, most buyers will leave a review if you request it. You need a strategy to engage with clients after their experience to know what they think. Now, this is a project you need to deal with carefully.

  1. Reply to Reviews & Improve Your SEO

Reacting to online reviews does more than building trust with your clients; it additionally creates trust with your search engine. Trust is a fundamental part of SEO and getting your site to rank close to the top of the search results. Google has confirmed that reacting to online reviews, even negative reviews, improves your local SEO. Reviews represent the majority of how Google ranks a local business. By reacting to each review, positive or negative, you can help your page rank and attract new deals and customers with each search.

  1. Display Your Reviews First on Product Pages

When new reviews start popping up on your platform, start conspicuously showing them on your product page plans so customers can easily judge for themselves. Please do this for any device they might use, adjusting the website design for each.

A good general guideline is to finish the 3-second test. All of us, including customers, have limited capacity to focus, which implies you need to quickly direct their attention to your product page. In 3 seconds, can you easily find where to read online client reviews on your product page? Please don’t give your customers a chance to leave your product page by ensuring they have a detailed look at the product reviews. Don’t just stop at your product pages as well. Search for opportunities to add evaluations and reviews for different parts of your site like your homepage.

  1. Negative Reviews Boost Your SEO

Regardless of whether your reviews are positive, negative, or somewhere in the middle, they can all affect your SEO. Even negative reviews regularly contain catchphrases important for your brand, which help when customers are looking for items. If you don’t display your negative reviews, you’re passing up on potential traffic to your website. So weigh your options and display some negative reviews that have SEO importance.


Many potential customers depend on one another for social evidence that you are reliable, and it’s not only one review that impacts their decisions, but several reviews. By setting up and using a few good reviews for your organization, you can show them that you’re trustworthy. This also helps provide knowledge about the regular customer experience on your products and promotes your business’s positive parts.

Tell us your experiences with online reviews in your business.

Author Bio

Christine James believes that every customer has a voice. She is the Community Manager at (a customer complaints website) and loves talking to customers on social media about their challenges with Fortune 500 companies. Her work has been published on Huffington Post, Inc., SocialMediaToday, and Thought Catalog. Follow her on Twitter @hissingkittycom.