Snapchat is a fun way to take, edit and share photos online with friends. Popular for its numerous filters and disappearing messages, photos, and videos, Snapchat has become a global phenomenon.


So then why Spy on Snapchat?

Well, what was once a fun photo sharing platform is now a full communication platform where pictures, videos and messages can be exchanged. We’ve all heard about strangers posing as kids to target young minds in extremely unpleasant ways, luring them into sending compromising pictures and videos. This can be a massive problem for parents who are worried about their kids’ online safety. This is where spying or hacking someone else’s Snapchat comes in to the picture. It’s hard for parents to stop their kids from being on these platforms due to their peer group; hence this can be a good way to give them freedom while ensuring they are safe.

If you can have access to your kids’ Snapchat account, you can keep an eye on their activities online and help them. Now, a lot of methods for hacking Snapchat are suggested on the internet. However, this is not a spot to take risk in. If you’re wondering how to hack someone’s Snapchat, SpyMyFone is the app for you.

What is SpyMyFone?

SpyMyFone is a phone spy app that can be used to conveniently spy on your kids’ or families’ phones and accounts. Besides that, you can also check out PhoneTrackerGuide to learn more about some of the spy apps.

An all in one app for hacking and spying, it is your best chance to hack someone’s Snapchat without getting caught. It is the ultimate device which can help concerned parents to monitor their kids and partners to monitor the people they love. The app gives you complete insight and knowledge once it is installed on the chosen device, that too without the owner’s knowledge.

Using SpyMyFone is not a complicated process however it requires the knowledge of the iCloud credentials when the target is an iPhone and legal access to the target phone when it is an android.

Following are some distinct features of SpyMyFone –

  • Spy on Snapchat – Secretly view the messages exchanged on Snapchat even after they automatically disappear!
  • Access Snaps remotely – Gets a detailed listing of all photo and videos exchanged on the app
  • View Snapchat stories– You can also access the stories posted on other’s Snapchat account
  • Block Snapchat on the go – Block or unblock the Snapchat app with just one monitoring tap
  • Capture smart screenshots– Take smart screenshots without it being detected
  • Monitor Snapchat activity –See details regarding the usage and app activity
  • Set alerts – Get immediate alerts whenever messages are exchanged
  • No rooting needed – SpyMyFone foes not require rooting to the Snapchat app, its compatible with all android devices.

dashboard spymyfone

Following is a guide to install this app and get it in action 

Step 1 – Register with SpyMyFone

Open the SpyMyFone website and sign up by providing a valid email ID and password. Once done, follow the confirmation link of your email and install the app on the phone you want to monitor.

spymyfone create an account

Step 2. Setup Wizard:

The next step is to install and set up the app on the chosen device. For this, the target device owner’s age and name are needed. Fill these in and then choose the operating system of the device to be monitored.

spymyfone wizard

Step 3. If it’s an Android Phone:

If the target device has an android operating system, you will be asked to enable the Unknown Sources Installation in your device. This makes it possible for the app to be downloaded . Let the app install now and sync data with your account on SpyMyFone.

spymyfone android

Step 4. If it’s an iPhone:

If you selected the Apple OS, the next step will be to enter the logged in iCloud and and enter ID to verify your account. The app will then sync up the data of the device with your SpyMyFone account.

spymyfone iphone

Step 5. Hack away !

Once your setup is complete, you can now hack into the Snapchat account of your chosen device. The next step is to activate the Keylogger feature in the control panel. This feature records everything typed into the keyboard while Snapchat is open and results in you knowing their Snapchat password instantly.

snapchat spy 2

The best part about SpyMyFone is the anonymity of it. The app stays hidden in the chosen device, making sure that the owner of the device never gets to know about the hacking. Thus with just easy 5 steps, you can now make the online world a little bit safer for your loved ones!