Today I will tell you my tricks to get up once and for all without wanting to reschedule my alarm.

The university has never been so strong. This semester has been the worst of all: the country, the delay, the rescheduling of the semester, no vacations, the country, the country, the country.

This month my weeks have been a nightmare. I have slept badly because I go to bed very late, and sometimes because I go to bed earlier but worried about many things. With everything that’s going on, it’s hard to stay motivated.

In many universities the student body is asleep. Nobody wants to do anything; There is not even a bit of motivation. The cost of living rises every day and more are stressing (quite rightly so) over it.

In short, these are hard times, but we must make an effort to get ahead. Mornings are the most productive so we must take advantage of them.

I know getting out of our cold bed and tousled sheets is the last thing we want to do, but remember how sorry we feel at night for not seizing the day early.


Before going to sleep I erase from my mind what disturbs me. If I go to bed with a concern or the content of an exam fresh in my head, I will not rest. I try to read at least one or two pages of a book or magazine. When I do I sleep better than if I don’t.

No Electronics

Not many will like it, and neither will I, but instead of using my cell phone alarm, I use a desk alarm clock.

I know it is something very old-fashioned, but it is important that I turn off my cell phone so as not to be interrupted and not want to pause so that it rings 10 minutes later, because more than a favor, it leaves me very tired.

There is no television in my room, but if you have one, it is a good idea to program it so that it turns off at an hour. Sleeping with the TV on is terrible, in addition to the light, it is as if you slept with your worst nightmare whispering things to you and making your mind restless.


If I take a shower before bed, even if I have to go to bed at 2 am, I definitely like it better. Feeling fresh and soft is the best, plus you save doing it in the morning.

Alarm in the Distance

My alarm clock is on my dresser, completely out of my hands. That makes me have to get up from my bed because I can’t stand the sound.


Next to my bed, I have a rug. One of the reasons why we don’t want to stop is because we can’t stand the cold floor. Contrary to what you might think because the rug is very comfortable and could make you sleepy, the truth is that it is a plus for a good mood.


Melatonin is the sleep hormone and is produced when everything is dark, so I sleep in complete darkness.


It does not seem to make sense with the above, but it is basically for the mornings. I like having a table lamp because my eyes can’t tolerate it when I turn on the light in my room when I just wake up.

I like to get my eyes used to it again little by little, so the lamp helps me illuminate only part of it.


Drinking water before and after gives energy. On my nightstand I put a bottle of water, I have a drink before bed while I read and it’s really relaxing. When I wake up I take a sip and it definitely helps me to come to my senses.


If I make a list of the next day’s but most exciting things, it motivates me to wake up, like a recipe, an article for my blog, or a walk in the park.


I’ve gotten used to listening to the radio while I get ready. I am aware of what is happening and I listen to music. Having a favorite show in the morning may motivate them to get up.


I hope you don’t think these tips are too strict. In any case, if you’re just having trouble with education consider getting help from an essay writer. This way, you’ll have more time to get your routine in check.