It’s highly likely one of the goals for your business is to see a steady growth of visitors to your website. Experiencing this can be exciting. However, it can also lead to growing pains if you’re currently utilizing a shared hosting plan. To take control of the situation, it can help to purchase a dedicated server hosting plan.

Choosing The Right Server

You have the choice of three options when you’re choosing a server to host your website. These options include the following:

– Dedicated Server Hosting

– VPS Hosting

– Shared Hosting

Using shared hosting places your website alongside hundreds of other sites in a server where you all utilize the same resources. If you choose to use VPS hosting, the hosting company maintains the server and allows you to select the amount of RAM you’d like to utilize. The dedicated option is “an example of single-tenancy. With this type of environment, a single customer hosts their sites or applications. With dedicated server environments, the server hardware and resources for that hardware belong to that single customer.” said a recent article by the hosting provider, Liquid Web.

Dedicated servers put you in control, which means you’re responsible for configuration, but you also have free reign of all the server’s resources. Assessing your specific needs is required to choose the hosting service best suited for your website. It can help to look at some of the benefits provided to decide if you want to take full control of your hosting.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Why would you want to use this option? Purchasing a dedicated server hosting plan can provide you with benefits related to security, control, speed and space. You’re given full freedom to take advantage of the server’s resources any way you’d like.

Improving Performance and Speed: 

Your website uses all of the server’s resources to provide the best performance.

Increasing Security: 

Using shared hosting leaves your site vulnerable if another site gets attacked. You’ll have increased security and a unique IP address using a dedicated plan.

Providing Total Control: 

You’re able to configure your server to meet your exact needs, which offers full access to resources.

Increasing Storage: 

This type of plan typically includes ample storage space.

Managed or Unmanaged

Going with a dedicated option allows you to “choose between self-managed, core managed, and fully managed plans and receive the best support value for your dollar.” Having a managed plan allows you to focus on your business and leave security and site performance in the hands of an expert. This is the best option to choose if you want to safeguard your situation with added support.

Choosing Your Components Depends on Your Specific Needs

Depending on your needs, you can choose between four or 16 cores and up to 64 GB of RAM. The higher these values are, the easier it is to service your customers when you’re receiving high traffic to your site or need to maintain a big database. Having 5 to 8 TB of bandwidth to use should also make it more efficient to handle a large number of visitors or multiple apps.

If you’re getting a great deal of traffic to your site or want to maintain control, this type of plan can be an excellent choice that provides you with top-notch performance.