Field workers play an important role in the growth of their company. That said, it’s not entirely easy to get someone to do a proper job if he is not sitting at the office with you. You have to go out of conventional methods and take extra measures to ensure good results from them. Here is what you need to do. 

Provide The Right Tools

Right tools are important for a smooth workflow. Field workers aren’t always in the office to report their issues to discuss their work. Most of their work is done remotely, and they have to deal with a lot of people. Use a form app that makes tracking and communication easy. They should be able to search and record data in the quickest manner, and you should know when and where they are and what they do each day. 

Hire The Right People

No matter what tools you get them and what salary you offer, you can’t expect results until you hire the right person for the job. Make sure the people you are hiring understand the job and responsibility that comes with it. It’s not a time pass for them and they will take it seriously. Furthermore, conduct a proper training session for new recruits and put them on a probation period to test them. 

Make Them A Part Or Organization

As field workers don’t get to spend much time in the office, they might start to feel like they are not direct employees of the company. You have to make them feel important and a part of the culture of the organization. Conduct occasional training sessions and other meetups to ensure they keep meeting you and each other face to face. Furthermore, offer them every incentive and benefit you offer to other employees. Reward the best performers, celebrate them, and make everyone a part of it. Many people trade a bigger salary for better work culture. 

Have A Motivated Manager On The Job

People easily get demotivated on the field. When you are in the office, you know you have to work, and you aren’t going home until you do it. Besides, there is a proper environment that encourages you to do your best. That, however, is not the case in the field. That’s why you need a motivated manager that also knows how to keep employees motivated. 

He should have experience of the job his team is doing so he can understand what they are going through. Furthermore, using fear and authority to get the work done will only get you results for a short time, and it will require a lot more hard work. People don’t want to work under pressure. Make them enjoy their work – that’s the job of a manager. Otherwise, someone who has no other option might stick, and others will keep leaving. You can’t keep hiring and training employees; it’s extra work, inefficient, and expensive. 

Show Them A Career

They can work productively only if they are motivated. Motivational talks and incentives only work temporarily. The best motivation is career. If they think this the best they are going to get at your company, they won’t go out of their comfort zone. Show them a ladder they climb by proving themselves. No one wants to always stay a sales representative. Give them the opportunity to become a senior, lead, manager, head of a department, and even a CO with clear benefits. No one would want a promotion if it only includes extra responsibilities and not many benefits.