Well done! You’re on social media promoting your eCommerce site. That’s a good start.

But how do you build your audience and get more people to engage with your posts? After all, that’s the secret to selling online.

Getting lots of Facebook likes is essential in your marketing efforts. So today I want to tell you from experience how to create posts that will generate likes, comments and shares on Facebook.

It’s not difficult—it just takes some understanding of what Facebook users respond to and how to encourage them to like you.

Let’s get started.

What Should You be Posting?

The first question is what posts will attract the most likes. What your audience wants depends on a lot of factors. But ultimately you will have to gauge this according to your niche, your audience’s preferences and based on what’s trending.

But since you’re on eCommerce, here’s what you should be posting to entice buyers.


Since your blogs are related to your products they are perfect material for posting. For a blog to get a lot of likes, make sure that:

  • The title is catchy. If no one clicks on it, no one will read it. So give them a reason to click with a great title that promises to add value to their lives.
  • The image for the post is enticing and relevant to the article. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver.
  • A short intro to give the reader a taste of what the article is about. Make it really interesting to keep them hooked!


Your eCommerce site probably has tons of product images. You should be sharing these on Facebook on a weekly basis.

But simple images of your products simply won’t do it. You need to make sure those images really stand out. If it looks great and entices users, it will get shared, liked and commented on.

Add people to your images. Faces are also effective at encouraging engagement. Anything that generates emotion along with your product being used will be a hit on Facebook.


Facebook is very video friendly. Videos have proven to create more engagement than images and blogs. So create great videos and post them on Facebook for more engagement.

How Often Should You be Posting?

You’ve probably already heard that posting consistently and at certain times of the day is a great way to get more likes on Facebook.

it’s true. There are certain times during the day and week when Facebook is more active.

Find out what these times are in your area and capitalize on that info.

Why is Consistency So Important?

If someone took the time to follow you on Facebook, the least you can do is ensure you post regularly. They followed you because they want to see more of what you’re about. Don’t disappoint. Keep those posts coming and keep them super interesting to ensure you keep your followers happy.


A great way to do this without too much effort is to use Buffer to schedule your posts. You can spend 15 minutes a week planning posts and setting them to be released at the right time on the right day.

What Should Each Post Include?

There are a few characteristics possessed by posts that do well on Facebook. Let’s look at these briefly.

A Catchy Title/Caption

If the title or caption doesn’t make you click, forget about your audience sharing or liking the post. Ensure that every post includes something that makes it irresistible to click.

An Enticing Intro

In the case of a blog, be sure to include a short snippet of the intro. this will take the user from the title to the article because they will immediately see that it’s well written.

Noticeable Value

A Facebook post must provide value if you want it to generate engagement. What are you offering that will enrich the lives of your audience? If you can’t answer this question… DON’T POST IT!

An Awesome Image

An image must accompany each of your content posts. If it’s a blog, make sure there’s an image attached to it. And make sure that image is so enticing it stops your users from scrolling past your post.

What Should You Do After Posting Something?

There’s some homework for you to do after you’ve posted things on Facebook. Grab a notebook and add this to your tasks for today.

Boost Your Post… Yes, it’s Worth it!

Facebook ads cost next to nothing. If you have a small budget, consider boosting your post—especially if it’s a good one—to a selected audience. The likes you’ll generate from a boosted post will do wonders in growing your Facebook audience.

Share Share Share

Don’t stop at Facebook. I’m serious; if you’re not utilizing other social media channels with Facebook you’re losing out on a number of audiences.

Try Twitter for your business. Also use Pinterest to share images of your products. eCommerce businesses are quite popular on social media channels, so spread the love by signing up to more of them.

Website Starters

Don’t forget about having your own website. Maybe you have an ecommerce and your social media outlets, but what about an actual website? Don’t stop in one area when you have so many to explore.

Begin Some Conversations

After you’ve posted, it’s important to remain online for at least 20 minutes.

Visit some other industry related pages, blogs and video channels. Make comments, engage with users and discuss your niche on forums outside of your own.

Analyze Past Posts

Finally I want you to look at some of the posts you posted a week ago. Which one of them got the most likes? Why was that post more popular than others? What did it have that enticed your audience to like, share or comment on it?

Whatever that X-factor is, post more things just like it. Keep giving your audience what they want and you’ll quickly grow your Facebook audience.

Grow your audience on Facebook and you’ll have a lot more people to market to. Used correctly Facebook can help your business grow exponentially. So try out these techniques and let me know how it went.