Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms right now. It has over 1 billion users and is rapidly increasing. This makes Instagram a highly desirable platform when you want to grow your audience whether you are a person or a business.

But you cannot succeed on Instagram just by posting whatever you want whenever you want. You need to have a clear strategy of how you are going to take your Instagram journey if you are looking for followers. Many people have started buying followers and likes, so you might have to buy real Instagram likes to boost engagement.

And here are some ways of how you can get Instagram followers organically.

1. Engage With Accounts That Are Like You

There is nothing wrong with liking or commenting on posts from other accounts if they are relevant to yours. Just be yourself and leave meaningful comments to the posts. Set aside a few minutes of your time every day for doing this and it will have a big impact on the increase in the number of followers every day. You could extend this thing to your competitors’ accounts too. Doing this will give you a lot of exposure from your competitor’s audience too. 

2. Use Different But Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool for finding new accounts. Always use hashtags whenever you post a photo or video on Instagram. There is no need to use all 30 hashtags that are allowed on a single post but use them sensibly. Research hashtags properly and try to include the ones which are most relevant and have the most audience in them. If the hashtags are not relevant people who find your post will not be happy to see it. So, make sure that whoever sees your post finds it useful. 

3. Use Tagging And Geolocation As Much As Possible

Always try to include geolocation when you post on Instagram. It is particularly useful when you are at a famous place as there will be a lot of people checked in to that place and you will have a chance that they will see your post. 

Also, if you are posting something that is related to a brand or celebrity, then you can also tag them in your photos and in caption too. Doing this brings some of their audience to your post and they might become your followers if they like what they see. 

4. Utilize All Instagram Features

Instagram is always bringing new features or changes and improvements in older features and you need to be updated about them. You should try out the features if it fits in the look and feel of your account. This will keep your Instagram fresh to your followers. There is a lot of potential in those features to get engagement from your followers and to attract new followers.

5. Do Collaborations Or Influencer Marketing

Collaborations can be as little as getting a mention in another person’s Instagram account or as large as doing a post together. Try to find people similar to you in niche and numbers and do collabs whenever possible as it helps both the sides. 

Another way of getting exposure is by Influencer Marketing. When an influencer promotes your account, a large number of followers start coming in and a lot of them might stay with you in the long run. 

Apart from these tips, don’t forget that people will follow you for your content. So, curate quality content which adds value to your followers feeds so that they might also want to share it with their friends. Always pay attention to what is working and what is not and keep updating your strategy.