Internet is a crucial component of today’s changing scenarios, the reason behind that is because since the world has become a global village there is a constant need of being connected to one another and the cheapest and most convenient way to do that is through the internet. Especially if we see the current situation of the world, the whole infrastructure depends on internet in many ways. Since, human interactions have been quite limited these interpersonal interactions are replace by virtual meetings. We see countless examples of people working from home, whole education system being run on online schooling, virtual meetings being preferred over physical ones. This new online world is here to stay even after the situations becomes normal, the major reason behind this change is that people have actually understood the convenience and ease of integrating the virtual world with their physical one, so this trend is here to stay and the more quickly we adapt to it the better it’s going to be for the future.      

It’s a no brainer to give all this credit to the internet because this marvelous technology is the backbone of how things are working today. The internet is so crucial presently that it has been considered a basic human necessity and is included in the welfare services that governments provide to their citizen having same monumental importance like food and water. We see countless plans that are currently being run by the United States Government to allow its citizens to be connected to the internet. The most notable one being the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB) currently run by the Federal Communications Commission which provide financial aid to low income citizens allowing them to cover for their communication bills. 

Why High Speed Internet is Important?

Now that we have learnt the importance of the internet and why it is so crucial to our daily functions lets come to the main topic of discussion that why a “High Speed Internet” is required in current times and from where and how you can get it. There was a time when a Megabyte was considered a monumental data unit, anything which was capable of storing or transferring data in megabytes was a technological marvel. That’s the story of two decades earlier and internet has made progress with leaps and bounds in that mean time. As a matter of fact no other field has seen such drastic progress in such a short span of time which the field of technology has enjoyed.

Talking about data trends of today even a picture is composed of 10, 20 megabytes depending on the quality of camera. It’s the age of 4k video streaming which roughly takes 200GB disk space for a mere 10 minutes of video. This 10 minutes of video is two hundred thousand megabyte, and technology like these have become a norm for home users. That’s why the need of a high speed internet that can at least carry megabytes of data across devices is necessary. Because just like storage devices internet wasn’t always this fast it also started with speed like 56kbps which was transmitted through hard wired land line but as mentioned earlier this field has grown immensely from those early days. 

Now Internet Service Providers market their internet on the highest speeds that they can provide. Usually this speed is between 1 to 2 Gbps and with the dawn of fiber technology high speed internet is traversing slowly but successfully in the average consumer market. Many providers are offering high speed internet in the US namely Spectrum, COX, AT&T, Comcast Xfinity, Google Fiber and Verizon FIOS. All these are well known service providers and have fair share of stakes in the IT world.

Things to Keep in Mind

The choice of getting the fastest internet depends on a few things like if your area has the necessary infrastructure to provide you with the Gig speed because since these are quite high speeds they require special kind of wiring mostly fiber optic based infrastructure, the second thing is if the area has a suitable provider that can provide fast speeds like Gig, does customer possess the necessary equipment to get those speeds. These are few factors that we will look into detail in order to educate you on how you can get the fastest internet speed in the US.

Selecting a Suitable Provider        

The most important step towards getting the fastest internet is to select the appropriate service provider, because not all providers provide the customers with fastest speed available due to numerous limitations. So, it needs to be carefully figured out by the user and conduct the research on their own on which service provider is available in their area, the kind of packages they are providing, and most importantly the quality of service that you are signing up for. If you are looking for suggestions, Xfinity provide speeds up to 2 Gigs in certain areas and there are quite a few providers in the 1 Gig speed bracket namely Spectrum, Mediacom and Verizon Fios.

The Right Infrastructure 

The second step in achieving the fastest speed is by utilizing the right equipment and transmission means. Most of the houses in United States are pre wired and to be honest most of this wiring is either obsolete or damaged. This factor directly influence the kind of speed you’ll get in your daily usage, you might have a very good service provider giving you the best speeds they’ve got but the full fruit of all this effort will never properly reach you if the infrastructure that you are using is poor or outdated. To ensure that you get the promised speed make sure to get your house wirings checked or preferably replace them with fiber optic cables if needed, this might be a costly solution but it will help you in the long run. Moreover, make sure that the modem and Wi-Fi routers that you are using are up to date and support the latest technologies like fiber optic.

Using Compatible Devices 

Well just to think about it, you have changed all the cabling in your house, bought all the latest high tech equipment to connect to the internet, and are paying way too much to get fastest speed your service provider can offer you still without any luck your video keeps buffering and your game is still lagging and you’re sitting there scratching your head on what to do next? Well don’t worry because there might be one slight issue that’s causing this problem which is the device that you are actually using the internet on. As a matter of fact, not all devices are made equal some are based on older technologies regarding the bands they support.

In most cases traditional laptops and cell phones work on 2.4 Ghz band while latest modems work on 5 Ghz technology. To put it in simple words there is a lot more food offered than the plate can hold. A more modern example of this is 5G technology although it’s in very early stages still this is going to be the next step in high speed internet with speeds up to 500Gbps and that’s just a testing estimate. Most devices of today work on 4G technology and the devices that support 5G are very few and far in between mostly modern smartphones. So checking if your device like laptop or smartphone supports the latest technology can be the most crucial factor in achieving the fastest internet speed in USA.  

Final Words

The speed of the internet boils down to personal preference and individual usage. A speed that is faster for one user might be pretty slow for another. However, in terms of metrics some Internet Service Providers are providing higher speeds than others, it depends on factors like equipment used, the area of coverage and the limitations of a specific provider that a user choose in order to determine if they’ll be able to get the fastest internet in United States.