Trade shows are a great way to showcase your products and services to business owners and the public. All company bosses should consider one at some point – you just have to find the most suitable event. The tips and tricks on this page should help to make sure you get the best results possible. Believe it or not, success at trade shows and exhibitions is not complicated. You just need to present yourself in the right way.

Train your staff weeks in advance

It’s important that you take your most experienced team members along to trade shows. Lots of people might want to make inquiries at the same time, and you can only speak to so many. Make sure you create a script and ask your staff to learn it ahead of time. That way, they will always reply with the correct answers when people ask questions. Try to choose people with good social skills too. Nobody is going to spend money with your company if its representatives seem underconfident.

Use bold imagery and text on all promotional materials

You will almost certainly want to hand out promotional materials to anyone who shows an interest in your company. Make sure you work hard to create the best designs possible – that is how you will get the best results. Include detailed information on the back of your flyers, but keep the front as simple as possible. Less is often more in that situation. Try to ensure your promotional materials are printed on high-quality paper too. It makes you look professional, and it should help you to get a decent response.

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Employ professionals to design your stand

The way in which your exhibition stand is constructed can make a world of difference. Representatives from the Finesse Group say that banding is the most important element. Your stand needs to include your company logo and all standard colour schemes. That will help people to recognise better your business when they encounter it in the future. Also, there are going to be a lot of stalls at the exhibition. The right stand should assist you in catching the eye of people who walk past.

Give free sweets to people who stop and chat

Everyone loves getting something for free, and sugary treats are usually very popular. With that in mind, it might make sense to hand out sweets to anyone who stops for a chat at your next trade show. That could be enough to ensure the potential customer or client remembers your company. It will help you to make a good first impression, and that could catapult your business forwards. Just search online to find companies that provide custom sweets that contain your logo. They’re a little more expensive than items you might buy off the shelves in supermarkets, but they will help you to get better results.

Now you know how to win at your next trade show or exhibition, there should be nothing standing in your way. Use the information and advice from this page to ensure you don’t make any silly errors or overlook anything important. We wish you the best of luck, and we sincerely hope things go according to plan. Start looking for the most suitable events today, and get in touch with the organisers to secure your place.