The modern smartphone is certainly light years ahead of its predecessors in terms of processing power, functionality and ergonomics. Some of the latest models now offer gigabytes of free memory; ideal when downloading hefty applications or if you wish to play online streaming games. However, even massive amounts of free hard drive space will tend to fill up over time. This will reduce the overall functionality of your device and in some cases, it may even impact the longevity of your battery. This is why it is wise totake a look at some of the most effective ways to free up hard drive space within a matter of minutes.

Follow Recommended Updates

Some users tend to overlook operating system updates due to the belief that such actions are not necessary. After all, most providers term these upgrades as “recommended”. This is actually a big mistake, as many updates will help to solve memory issues that you may be having some systems will automatically activate a hard drive cleaner when performing such actions. So, be sure to follow all recommendations so that the software within your phone is functioning as it should be.

Check For Bloatware

Bloatware is defined as bundles of extraneous files that often accompany legitimate downloads. In fact, the chances are high that your phone was manufactured with bloatware already present within its operating system. Here are some common examples of these pesky files:

  • Weather-related updates
  • File torrent services
  • Third-party hard drive cleaners
  • Programs intended to enhance battery usage

If you suspect that your phone may contain bloatware, it is best to perform an online third-party analysis in order to better determine which files should be ablated.

Eliminate Outdated Apps

Another common cause for reduced memory capacity involves the presence of applications that are no longer being used. If you have owned your phone for more than one year, the chances are high that these apps could very well be hidden within the menu. Pull up a list of all applications and sort them by the date that each was installed. This will provide a clear picture of what may be better erasing entirely. If you hope to play virtual games such as online slots in Canada at Leovegas, it is important that your memory cache has been cleared of such files.

Another point to mention is that “ghost” images of the applications may remain even after the physical files have been deleted. If this is found to be the case (your operating system will normally send an alert), it is best to perform a deep cleaning in order to remove any remnant disk images.

Check For Viruses

Memory issues are not always caused by large files or outdated applications. There can be times when a phone has been infected with a virus. Some types of spyware and malware will cause memory issues thanks to the amount of space that they require when the system is running. This is why you should make it a point to regularly check for the presence of any suspicious files. Although there is nothing wrong with utilising free services, paid subscriptions to quality third-party antivirus bundles tend to provide the greatest levels of protection.

If all of these methods still fail to free up the memory on your phone, it could very well be time for an upgrade. Take time to compare and contrast the latest models in order to better appreciate the memory capacity of each as well as if RAM upgrades can be obtained in the future if needed.