League of Legends is, first and foremost, a multiplayer game whose nature forces you to interact with other players. Given the competitive nature of this game, these interactions can often be very tedious and tilting, especially when it comes to interacting with your teammates that are chosen at random.

This is why many players prefer to play with duo partners and premade teams of their choice as it allows them to play with skilled, friendly players. Fortunately, numerous applications and websites exist whose purpose is to help players find good company while playing their favorite game.

Duo with a pro 

Playing duo queue with a pro player, especially in low and mid elo is a stellar way to enrich your team with someone who is very skilled at the game. Additionally, playing with someone who is higher elo will allow you to swiftly climb through the ranks, much easier than you would’ve otherwise. Nowadays, it’s very easy to play with a high elo player and give a boost to your ranked elo as a lot of lol boosting websites include duo boosting. In the last few years, it has become very popular as it’s the only way to boost your account with a 0% chance of suffering a ban. 

Turbosmurfs.gg Discord

Discord is a voice application that gamers use to get in touch and talk with their fellow friends while they’re playing their favorite games. You can join private calls or specific themed Discord servers, one of which is the Turbosmurfs Discord Server, with over 21,000 players. 

This server grew to be the most popular place where players meet, play together, and discuss topics in regard to the games they play. The server is divided into numerous different channels based on the topic you’re interested in, ranging from general League of Legends discussions to meme posts. 

One of the best aspects of this server is the newly founded Turbo InHouses which helps players find people to play with in a custom, competitive environment. For those who play these games, there are some amazing prizes included, such as large cash prizes, free accounts, and credits that can be exchanged for exclusive loot boxes.


In recent years, Teamfind grew to be a home for thousands of users that make posts looking for teammates on a daily basis. This network of players hosts over 350.000 active gamers in various multiplayer games, the most popular of which is League of Legends.

The website’s system divides the search options into three categories, players, coaches, and teams, depending on what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a single player to duo queue with or to add to your team, the search algorithm will provide you with extremely detailed information.

You can search for a player based on their rank, country, role, the game mode they want to play, and even their age and playstyle. If you’re looking to join an already existing team, you can find a plethora of teams that are looking for new members to add to their roster.


Twitter is among the biggest social networking sites in the world, with users being able to search for anything using a keyword or a hashtag. Naturally, there are numerous groups and posts that unite League of Legends players all across the globe and help them find teammates and duo partners on this form of social media.

As far as Twitter goes, the easiest and most convenient way to find new players to play with is by using the hashtag system. The most popular hashtags that will lead you to these posts are #lft, #lookingforteam, #needateam, #duo, and #lfduo. Additionally, you can search for individuals and teams that are looking for players by visiting their profiles and contacting them directly via message.


SeekTeam is another platform where you can meet new teammates based on your player preferences. The website has an algorithm that allows you to seek players based on their country, level of game knowledge (ranging from low to pro), rank, and role.

The system also grants you the ability to leave a review after you’ve played with a player on this website, which gets publicly displayed on their profile. As a result, you can pick the players who have had the most positive reviews in the past and avoid the negative ones.

Furthermore, this website is highly broad in that it enables you to look for strat callers, team leaders, coaches, managers, and sponsors, all of which are very helpful if you’re establishing an organized esports team.

Reddit LoL teams

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it’s a website where like-minded individuals can discuss and analyze the topics they’re interested in. One of the groups on Reddit, or a subreddit, as they’re more commonly known, where you can meet new LoL players is the LoL teams subreddit.

With over 40 thousand members on this subreddit, you can always find players and teams that are looking for new teammates to play with. Players post descriptions of themselves and the types of teammates they’re looking to queue with, and you can contact them in the comments or through a Reddit message. Furthermore, plenty of high elo coaches offer their services to smaller teams and premade groups on this subreddit.


Apart from being a tournament hoster, Fragsheet expanded its service by providing users with a very detailed and comprehensive algorithm for finding new teammates. Upon creating a profile, you’ll provide the system with your age, rank, primary and secondary language, as well as your preferred method of voice communication.

Once you’ve prepared all of your settings, you’ll be matched with players that are the most similar to you, and you’ll be able to browse among thousands of existing profiles with their public information displayed. Should you find a partner you fancy playing with, you can directly send them a game invite through the website,/ which can be logged into by using the Riot ID of your account.


Senpai.GG is a website that primarily focuses on helping you find the perfect lol partner to duo queue with. You can filter through the available players by using the region of your choice as well as the language. The profile descriptions of players you’ll find describe their preferences by listing their favorite champions, their primary role, as well as the role they’re looking for to join them on their ranked journey. It’s a perfect place to find a player who you’re going to build a partnership with, whether it’s through playing bot lane together or using the synergies of your favorite champions and playstyles.


Similarly to Twitter, Facebook is also a very common place for League of Legends players to meet each other based on their interests. In comparison to Twitter, Facebook is much more straightforward and blunt when it comes to looking for players. In order to find groups of players or individuals looking for duo partners, you need to join one of many public or private groups that are currently on this website. Additionally, you can look for local players or players from your region or players and teams that speak the language you prefer.


All of us have found ourselves in a sticky predicament of wanting to play Clash but having no one to play Clash with. Luckily, RiftQ is a platform where you can meet new players as well as premade teams that are looking for clash members to play tournaments with. 

The website primarily focuses on matching clash teammates, and there are numerous posts of teams wanting new teammates or individuals looking for groups of players every day. RiftQ boasts a useful feature in their Clash calendar that allows players to create a schedule of tournaments with the team they’re playing with. Last but not least, their filter allows you to search for teams depending on the tier they’re playing in, as well as the number of free spots that are left at the time.

ChallengerMode team finder

ChallengerMode is a fairly popular online website that focuses on hosting esports competitions with cash prizing involved. Its competitive environment attracts high elo players to queue up as teams and earn money because of their in-game skills.

That being said, a lot of those high elo players had no teams to queue up to begin with, which is why this website created a team finder application built in their website. If you’re a high elo player that wants to play against the best of the best, you’ll find plenty of like-minded players that are looking for teammates. 

Upon the creation of your profile, you can leave a small description about yourself, your preferred role as well as the languages you speak. Once you start actively playing on Challengermode, the website tracks your rank and win rate as well as the rank and win rate of other players that are signed up, which allows you to easily filter out the best players to play with.