In the course of time, your iPhone might get loaded with unnecessary data and files that might cause your device to slow down. However, the old data that is stored on your mobile phone might assist you to check back the missed or past calls, track website among others, etc. Yet, it is quite vital to clean your iPhone from time to time so as to ensure that it works effectively and efficiently. Now, the question comes that how to erase iPhone?

Dr.fone is reliable software available online that solves the problem on how to clear history on iPhone and dominates this market by providing excellent services. Mentioned below are the steps that might assist you to delete your private data along with the history on your iPhone.

Deleting the private data

It is advisable to get rid of the private data from your iPhone from time to time to ensure its smooth functioning. Dr.fone is capable of wiping away all your data and information and will also protect it from the identity thieves. The day removed will be gone forever and will not be recovered using any kind of software or applications. Therefore, use the Dr.fone software to get rid of your safari browser history from your iPhone device.

  • Step 1: Connecting your device to the computer system

The very first step that comes while deleting your personal data from the device is plugging in your iPhone or iPad to the computer system using either a lightning cable. Now, tap on trust over your device’s screen so as to make sure that your device is successfully connected. When Dr.fone software recognizes your device, it will make you available with the three options. Here you are supposed to choose Erase Private Data to proceed with the scan.

  • Step 2: Scanning private data on your iPhone

Before you proceed with the further processes, you are supposed to scan the entire private data present on your Apple device. Dr.fone program will efficiently scan your device after you click over the “Start” option. This process is quite time-consuming, depending on the level of security offered to you. While the software is scanning your device, just wait till you can get all your private data scanned.

  • Step 3: Start erasing private data on your iPhone permanently

Now, after the process of scanning is over, you’ll be left with a list of the individual data available on your device. All your personal photos, messages, contacts, call history, social applications data, and all the other information will be in front of you. You can go through the entire data and information accordingly and select the items you wish to get rid of. You simply need to click on the Erase button in order to get rid of the private data.

Deleting the history on your iPhone

Removing history can really be a vital step for you if you are concerned about your privacy. If you hand over your phone to others and don’t want them to know about your searches, then it’s advisable to get rid of these on a regular basis. You can conveniently do it by using the Dr.fone software. Read the following steps to know how.

  • Step 1: Download

The very first step towards erasing your iPhone’s history is to download and install the Dr.fone program and connect your iPhone.

  • Step 2: Scanning

After you have connected your device to the system, you are now required to scan your device in order to fetch the entire history of your iPhone. So, click on “Start Scan” to allow the program to scan the whole device. Now it will display your history for the preview and selection. Wait for the program to analyze your data and present it before you.

  • Step 3: The final step

After your scanning process is completed in the next window, you can get rid of your iPhone’s history. Just simply click on the “Erase now” button and clear your entire history. After the entire task of history, detention is finished you’ll be prompted by the “Erase Completed” message. And that is how you can make your device free from unnecessary data and information by using Dr.fone.