It is unfortunate when you implement a search marketing campaign and there are high expectations for success but all your efforts fall short. You might have done in depth research and prepared elaborately. There is scope and immense opportunity to succeed. Nonetheless, you don’t actually achieve that potential and you don’t realize the results of the much sought success.

As an SEO professional, it can be really disappointing, but you can avoid your search marketing campaign falling short of its potential by subscribing to these principles:

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Learn to Give before You Take

This is the principle of reciprocity. We all know that people have a tendency to return a favour, and people are more likely to respond when they receive a favour. So when you are making attempts to deliver search marketing results, you will have to give some before you take.

You might be wondering how you are supposed to offer help to someone else while still handling your work. What are you supposed to do when making recommendations? In this case, try to think about framing these questions with respect to the person you intend to persuade.

  • How can you help the person do his/her job?
  • How can you make them feel as if you are doing them a favour?

You still have your objectives and you have some results you are trying to achieve. Nevertheless, framing it in a faintly different way offers a greater chance to achieve the results that you want. As for any professional offering reliable Sydney SEO services, this principle forms the foundation of any engagement with clients concerning search engine marketing.

Social Proof

The second principle when it comes to ensuring that your search marketing campaign is successful is social proof. Ordinarily, people tend to do things that they see others doing. This presents some very practical significance for anyone who is performing SEO audits. For instance, you could say “I recommend using these non-targeted keywords because a competitor is using the same approach”, rather than simply saying that “You should use this approach”. Try to make a justification for any recommendation that you offer. In the ideal world, every decision or recommendation that you make should be justified with some commercial value. However, this is often easier said than done. If you find this to be difficult, a sound fall-back plan is to rely on social proof, especially if it has been successful for other people in the past. You can view more here to see how a reputable company like Quantum has been using this principle in its 11 years of experience in the digital marketing arena.

social proof


Most people are more likely to be easily convinced by people that they like, and trying to make them like you is perhaps more vital than offering the right guidance. If you offer good counsel and the person does not like you, there’s a high likelihood that the person is not going to implement the advice you offered, regardless of how good the advice might be. This is common in certain campaigns. For instance, it has been acknowledged by SEO experts that SEO professionals that build great relationships but lack the best knowledge often deliver better outcomes because what they propose usually gets implemented. The main reason for this is that they are liked. Being very knowledgeable but not persuasive is not necessarily good when running an SEO campaign. You must try to create that rapport in every conversation because the more the client likes you the higher the likelihood that they are going to implement the recommendations that you propose or use the strategy that you offer.

Overall, there are other strategies besides these that you can implement to ensure that your search marketing campaign is successful. However, these three are the most important and often the most overlooked by SEO managers. Learning to reciprocate favours by being willing to give first is one of the most fundamental principles. Secondly, justifying your recommendations using social proof is another vital principle for success in SEO campaigns. Lastly, it is important to try and build the right rapport with the client because the client is more likely to implement the changes you propose if he/she likes you.