Dozens of attempts, but still the pictures you have clicked doesn’t seem the way you want them to be. You might hate the brightness, the orientation, or might want to include something to make the picture even more catchy. Well, this is experienced by thousands of other smart phone users. It is the time when the photo editing applications are the best solution.

With the improvement in the mobile cameras, the photo editing apps have acquired immense popularity. We all want to add some tweaks to ensure that our photo stands out. In order to implement them, you have got a wide array of photoshop apps, especially developed for the Android users. If you start searching for the Android editing apps, you will be confronted with results that will confuse you.

The article highlights on some of the best photoshop alternative apps for Android devices, helping you to edit your photos like a pro. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Adobe Photo Editor apps

In the last few years, Adobe has come up with a multiple number of photo editing tools. Some of the noteworthy ones include Adobe Photoshop Mix, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Lightroom, etc. Each one of the Adobe photo editor apps is equipped with advanced features, helping you to enhance your current photo and make it pop up. It is available for free download at Google Play Store.


If you are a selfie maniac, AirBrush is the right photo editing app. With the help of the simple tools for quick edits and fixes, you can improve the quality of your pictures. Teeth whitening, blemish remover, brighter eyes and reshaping tools are some of the highlighting attributes of the app. Moreover, you get access to numerous filter options.

Perhaps the best part about AirBrush is that the majority of the edit tools show results with just one single click. Henceforth, it is an exceptionally easy app. Furthermore, there is a pro version which is comparatively less expensive than the other photo editing apps available.


When you are looking for a reliable and a feature packed photo editor tool, Aviary is a good option to consider. It has been in the market for quite a some time and has acquired the popularity and a huge fan base. The one-touch enhancer mode is definitely the eye candy of the app. Aviary consists of several manual adjustment tools to eliminate blemishes, whiten teeth, fix red eye and similar such alterations.

Cupslice Photo Editor

Are you in love with the filter options and the updated stickers on your photos? Well, the Cupslice Photo Editor is the right choice. There is a plethora of stickers that are always updated so that you can use the latest trends. In order to get your desired look, you have the option to customize the filter. You can get hold of the basic editing tools like collages, contrast and brightness settings, frames, crops, hue adjustments, black and white and so on.  It is a simple photo editor app and free to use.

Photo Effects Pro

If filters, stickers and hardcore effects are the elements you love to play with, the Photo Effects Pro is definitely the editing app for you. It is available for absolutely free of cost and gives access to 40 exclusive filters and effects. You can add stickers, frames and include text in your pictures. One of the highlighting aspects of the Photo Effects Pro is the execution of finger paint, making the pictures unique.

The above mentioned are some of the best Android photo editing tools for all those who have a limited budget. Visit Google Play Store, download the apps and enjoy editing your pictures.