Internet security is a growing concern among people of all walks of life. From people who are in business, dealing with corporate copyright or financial information at their job, or who are just worried about the privacy of their emails, there’s a growing market for extra measures to keep data, personal information, and communications safe from prying eyes. Cybercrime is expanding at an alarming rate and no one’s emails are secure, which is why more and more people are looking for encrypted BlackBerry devices to help keep their emails secure.

BlackBerry PGP encryption companies take PGP encryption technology and make it both convenient and more secure for users. PGP encryption is an open technology, but it takes a good mind for tech to get it to work the way it should. BlackBerry PGP encryption companies like Myntex simplify the technology and provide encrypted BlackBerry devices that are completely locked down, keeping devices safe from any attempts to bypass the encryption. But they don’t sell the technology directly to the end user, instead relying on a network of global resellers who can both provide support and reduce delivery times. When people are spending hundreds of dollars on a BlackBerry PGP encryption subscription, they want to start using the technology right away.

That means there’s an opportunity to become an encrypted BlackBerry device reseller. But first you have to decide who you want to work with. These are the three qualities you should look for in a BlackBerry PGP encryption provider:

#1 Transparency

The PGP email world has long been shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Companies with no fixed address and little contact information have given the industry a bad reputation, turning too many people away from the benefits of using an encrypted BlackBerry. That’s a shame, because it’s one of the most powerful tools for keeping your information safe. The first quality to look for is a company that’s transparent about where and how it operates, so that you have more information about where they keep their data center and who’s behind the encryption technology.

#2 Support

Anytime you’re selling technology, you need support from the solutions provider so that you can provide great service to your customers. One company in the industry that does reseller support better than the rest is Myntex, which offers a number of resources and training for resellers, including:

  • Instructions and software to set up encrypted BlackBerry devices
  • Live technical support
  • Manuals to help you and your customers understand the ins and outs of the technology

PGP encryption can be difficult to understand at first, but with the right resources it will all make sense and you can answer all of your clients’ questions.

#3 Convenience

Finally, don’t become a reseller that will make your clients wait days or weeks for their encrypted BlackBerry device. Pre-order SIM cards for encrypted BlackBerry devices and go with a company that gives you a portal so that you can quickly activate devices (and use a remote wipe if your client loses their device).

BlackBerry PGP encryption doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right provider, it can be profitable and easy to sell.