YouTube converters have reigned supreme as the best tool to download music from YouTube to MP3 for free. It surpasses the likes of software that require installation and specific hardware. Users prefer using YouTube converters because it is easy to use, convenient since the converter is web-based and most of them don’t even require signing in. No registration means no fuss. However, those new to the YouTube converter scene and are not sure how to download music for free using a YouTube converter, well you’re in luck as here is a step-by-step guide on getting all your music on your device for free.

Step-by-Step guide to downloading music for free using a YouTube converter

Below you will find all the steps that you need to follow if you want to download music for free using a YouTube converter as Don’t panic as it’s very simple. If you can’t follow the instructions below, the website is very intuitive and has its own instructions laid out clearly for new users to follow.

1.Load up YouTube and find the video you want to download. Once you’ve located the video, open the webpage.

2.Copy the link of your YouTube video that you wish to convert for your device (Ctrl+C).You will need this for your online YouTube converter to convert the file to MP3 before downloading it to your device.

3.Load up the YouTube converter page. You will immediately notice a search bar in the middle of the page where you will be required to plug-in or paste (Ctrl+V) the YouTube link that you copied earlier.

4.Once the link has been plugged in, press the search icon. You can even press enter to go to the next page. The website will start to search your link and once found, it will show you the metadata or details of the file like the thumbnail of the video.

5.If the thumbnail matches the video you wish to download, simply press on “download the MP3 file”. Upon pressing the button, the online YouTube converter will start to convert the file. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds before the download to your device begins.

6.If you have more than one video to convert, after your download click on the logo or the home page button which will redirect you to the homepage where there is the search bar for links.

7.Repeat steps 2 to 5 to download as many videos you want. It’s very easy to do so.

Why are YouTube converters great?

There are many reasons why users prefer to use YouTube converters instead of computer softwares.

Easy to use:

The instructions to download are clearly mentioned on YouTube converter’s websites. Even if you’re new to technology, the clear laid out instructions are easy to follow.

No registration:

Users are turned off by the fact that they have to register to websites before they can start using their features. However, YouTube converters do not require users to register before they are able to use the conversion features.

Multiple formats:

YouTube converters will convert any YouTube video in whichever format it is uploaded. The video is then converted from its original format to MP3 for ease of playability on all devices.


Unlike YouTube software, these YouTube conversion websites are compatible with any device with a working internet connection and browser. Since it is a web-based application, no software downloads are required.

100% free:

YouTube converters are free for the most part of it. Some do come with premium features that you need to pay for but other than that these are free web-based applications that can be used whenever you want.