Apex Legends is the newest entry to the Battle Royale genre of video games. Brought to us by Respawn Entertainment and EA, famed creators of Titanfall, Apex has risen to rival Fortnite in the number of concurrent players. Fortnite may give players the ability to build and construct forts, but when everybody else also does so, it’s not really special. Apex Legends provides a more varied experience from the characters you, your teammates, or even your enemies use.

It gives a refreshing take on the genre, so go and try it out! Create an Apex Legends account, and install the game on your console of choice. Xbox One and PS4 users can find it in their respective online stores and download it from there, but PC users have a bit more hoops to go through.

A Step by Step Guide

Open your browser and search for Apex Legends. The first link should be one with the ‘EA’ domain. There’s a drop-down menu on the upper right. Clicking the ‘Origin for PC’ option will download the installer.

When you run the installer, it will suggest you install EA’s Origin app first. Install it if you haven’t, and create an Origin account as well. If you have both, just continue installing Apex Legends.

Follow the on-screen instructions, accept the Terms and Conditions, and allow or deny some options according to your preferences. Once everything’s set, the game will be installed on your computer. As it will download files from the internet, this might take a while, depending on your connection and service provider.

At any rate, it will finish, and then you can enjoy the game.

Some Things to Note

The game requires at least an Intel Core i3-6300 processor or equivalent, runs a 64-bit OS with at least 6GB of RAM. It also needs a video card that’s as good as an Nvidia GT 640 or a Radeon HD 7730. Clear out a 22GB space in your hard drive as well so all the files to run the program can fit. If you want better performance, you’re going to need a processor that’s as fast as an Intel i5 3570K and 8GB RAM. As for the graphics processing unit, it has to be one that’s on the level of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290.

EA’s Origin works in a similar way to Steam, Battle.net, and Uplay. It’s a program where you can connect with friends, shop for new games, or view/play from your library of games. Apex Legends is only available for Origin users and is not available anywhere else.

As for your account, you may buy one. Make sure you use the Apex account calculator to make sure you’re not being overcharged by the seller. It’s a good idea when you don’t really have the time to invest in progressing for the account. If you want to start with a clean slate, it’s free to create your own.

And that’s how you can start your story as an Apex Legend on PC. Go and dominate the games to become the ultimate champion.

Above all, don’t forget to have fun!