When it comes to online streaming, Youtube sirs on the top of the list. With nearly 2 billion active users, YouTube is the second largest social media network in the 21st century. Studies have found 92% of people using the internet watches online videos at least once a month. Guess what? YouTube gets the maximum share of this market. 

YouTube is also the second-largest influencing social media platform for most investors. That is because almost 30% of all internet users have a YouTube account and people on YouTube watch more than 500 million hours of videos every day. It is a great platform to deploy successful online marketing strategies.

Online marketing success largely depends on creating a network and bringing active users to your promotions. In YouTube channels, you need to increase your gross subscribers to pull more traffic to your videos. Building organic subscribers is no easy task, but you can hire a professional service to increase that number. You can check out:

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Other than building large networks, there is more to it if you want a successful YouTube marketing strategy. Let’s find these secrets step by step. 

1. Start With Keyword Research

To start a successful YouTube campaign, target your audience with a common interest, and focus on keyword research. Good keyword research is half of your marketing success as it can drive more targeted traffic to your videos. 

Most YouTubers believe that you should choose keywords that include new information. You can also try an Adword display planner or any other paid tools to find relevant to your products or services. Make sure you choose keywords with at least a thousand impressions.

If you want to go even further, you can try to understand Google’s logic of showing video results on SERP. You can take some clues from others’ titles and video contents that are already ranked on Google’s first page of searches. The more market research you do, the better ideas you will develop to find keywords for your videos. 

2. Brand Positioning

Once you are done with keyword research, it is time to focus more on brand positioning. For successful YouTube marketing, you have to create videos that resonate with your targeted audience. Try to find your target audience’s interests and the results of the videos they watch in regards to them getting the most likes and dislikes. 

For better brand positioning, visit a few channels similar to your niche that already have your audience’s attention. Try to sort the contents that are creating more engagement with the audience and bringing more likes over dislikes. YouTube video success largely depends on matching audience taste. More views and likes drive more money to your business. 

3. Optimize Your Videos

You have to fight a hundred more videos in your niche. So, how do you compete with them for better conversion? One of the best ways to grab attention to your video is including a thumbnail. Add a customized thumbnail for your video to make it unique. 

While uploading thumbnails, upload images in PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF format. Keep it to a 16:9 ratio and make sure the image size is under 2MB. Make sure you are using bold color texts to express more value in the videos. 

Many people are only focused with video optimization, but optimizing channel pages can drive more traffic to landing pages or webpages. Optimize your channel page by explaining more about your goals, brand, and USP. Make sure you add links to your landing pages, social media profiles, and websites. 

To make it more realistic, use your brand logo as opposed to using relevant avatar images. Furthermore, remove clutter to make your channel more appealing. You can add a proper call to actions like “Please subscribe to our channel if you enjoy this video.” 

4. Emphasize On Call To Action

Calls to action helps you achieve four big goals in YouTube marketing. These are:

  • More subscriptions for channels.
  • More likes and shares.
  • More viewers for other videos on your channel.
  • More comments on videos.

For an effective call to action, try a video end card or direct host mentions. In the video end card, you show a large card with clickable buttons at the end of your video. It works mainly to bring more subscriptions. 

In most cases, a direct host mentions a subscribing channel at the beginning of a video. And don’t forget that you have a video description where you can add links, promotional contents, and video transcription to draw targeted audiences. 

5. Promotion Is Key

You can either try a paid campaign for promotion, or you can promote across channels. You can try blog posts, email newsletters, and other social media platforms to drive quality audiences. For better response, you need to tailor your content according to your audience and send them on a scheduled basis.

Once you have a good amount of subscriptions and views to your videos, it’s time to collaborate with YouTube influencers. Make sure they are from non-competing markets but are still related to your channel. To find such YouTube influencers, you can try online tools like MakrWatch. Use relevant words to find the most compatible YouTube influencer for your channel. 

6. Focus on Factors that Bring More Engagement

Whichever social media platform you are targeting for online marketing, engagement is the key to your success. To bring more engagement to your video, you can respond to comments with reasonable answers. Furthermore, you can leave positive feedback to people who already subscribed to your channel. 

One of the best ways to engage more audiences is to run a survey or contests to gather some feedback. You can also try user-generated content and share some freebies to grab more attention. Most expert YouTubers create videos based on the viewers’ suggestions. That has significant success in terms of view and likes. To maximize engagement, collaborate with other brands and influencers where possible. 

The Bottom Line

YouTube marketing has been an incredible platform to multiply money and gain popularity overnight. YouTube channels with nearly 100 thousand subscribers earn nearly one thousand dollars per video. That is a significant and handsome amount to any brand of the business. Only an effective marketing strategy can help you to maximize success on YouTube.