Choosing a topic to write about in your essay is probably one of the most challenging tasks in the whole process of working on this academic assignment. Essaybulls, an essay writing service, claims that the majority of their customers are those students who can’t cope up with a topic idea. However, the devil is not so black as he is painted. With our tips, you will learn how to develop a fascinating topic without going through the cycle of acceptance. 

Selecting from a list of offered topics 

Let’s start from the most accessible option — when you have a selection of themes to choose from:

  1. You should read very carefully all the formulations of topics several times and understand what to write about in each of them. Think about what content your teacher expects from you in the chosen topic; 
  2. Choose the theme that is closer to you, which evokes a response from you, because your task is to demonstrate personal maturity, i.e., to express your attitude to the chosen topic, your own position on the problem, personal evaluation of facts and events. And this can be done most convincingly only when the experts feel your interest in the chosen essay topic;
  3. You should select a topic on which you can not only express your point of view but also argue it convincingly, demonstrating your erudition and preparation. This means that you know what information and quotes you will use in your arguments to support your position. 

How to develop a mind-blowing topic for your essay!Creating a topic yourself

When a student is not constrained and given freedom of choice, it often leads to confusion and fear of a blank page. However, if you find yourself in a situation like this, you will benefit from writing about what you know best. Here are some ideas on how to come up with an awesome topic:


It is essential to follow some rules in this technique: 

  • Write down as many ideas as possible, without any restrictions;
  • Even fantastic, absurd, and extraordinary ideas are accepted;
  • Ideas can and should be combined and improved;
  • There should be no criticism or evaluation of the ideas offered.

When you are out of potential essay topics, read the final list, and analyze it. It’s time to remember your strong points, use logical and critical thinking, and reduce your list to one topic. 


The meaning of freewriting is to concentrate and capture your own scattered thoughts on paper. It helps to find creative solutions when a monkey beats a gong in your head. So, for the successful use of this technique, you need to take a piece of paper, put a timer for a certain amount of time, and just start writing everything that comes to your head. To search for a topic in the required subject, try to think about everything related to it. Formulate an idea that looms vaguely in the background of your consciousness. Turn off your internal censor and don’t pay attention to the mistakes or absurdity of what you’ve written. You must release your consciousness stream, don’t re-read or correct anything until the alarm goes off. Try to write with sentences instead of writing your thoughts in a column. When you have finished your work, take a good break, and read carefully what you have written (it is better to read aloud – this is how the text is perceived). Highlight the ideas that interest you the most. 

Refer to the textbook and your personal experience

It is always a good idea to refer to educational material. Try to remember the most important and meaningful aspects of a lesson or course. However, do not stop there. Of course, it will show the teacher your in-depth knowledge of the subject, but don’t forget your personal achievements or experiences. Each of us is unique and can tell stories that will amaze others. Think about what makes you different from others and whether you have related stories that you could apply to the subject’s realms. Combine the course materials with your own personal experience, and success is guaranteed. However, it is important not to be overly biased and not to stick only to your opinion, ignoring other, more substantial arguments. 

If none of these ideas helps you, there are real lifesavers and gifts for college students — essay topic generators. Perhaps, they can give you a hint on what to write about.